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Recent Property Biz Canada

John Clark BIZ How many red buildings do you have in your portfolio?

John Clark | 2016-08-11
Last year temperatures were the hottest on record, by a wide margin. According to the experts, it was a combination...

Brook Commons BIZ Brock Commons shows tall wood construction potential

Steve McLean | 2016-08-11
The final wood panel was installed in the University of British Columbia’s Brock Commons, which will be the world’s tallest...

LCBO GTA Land BIZ Record high land transactions in GTA in Q2

Steve McLean | 2016-08-11
Residential, industrial, commercial and institutional land sales in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) set a record high at more than...

JLL - John McKinlay BIZ Change at the top for LaSalle Canada

Steve McLean | 2016-08-04
While John McKinlay will become LaSalle Canada’s chief executive officer on Aug. 9, predecessor Zelick Altman will remain active in...

CF Rideau Centre BIZ CF Rideau Centre redevelopment now complete

Steve McLean | 2016-08-04
The completion of Cadillac Fairview’s $360-million redevelopment of Ottawa’s CF Rideau Centre will be celebrated next week, almost three years...

Heathwood - Country Lane BIZ Heathwood looking east of Toronto to build homes

Steve McLean | 2016-08-04
The population of Ontario’s Durham Region — anchored by Ajax, Pickering, Whitby and Oshawa — grew by 33 per cent...

Featured Columns

The Title Page »
Title insurance — a matter of opinion
Eric Haslett | The Title Page | 2016-04-26
“What more am I getting?” This is one of the first questions people ask when their lawyer suggests purchasing...
Capital Commentary »
Floor rates
If you’ve recently discussed a commercial mortgage with a lender, you have likely encountered floor rates. As bond rates have...
Value: Weighed and Measured »
How many red buildings do you have in your portfolio?
Last year temperatures were the hottest on record, by a wide margin. According to the experts, it was a combination...
The Saskatchewan Edge »
Facts about Saskatoon and Regina DT parking rates
In both Saskatoon and Regina there are varied opinions about the pros and cons of bike lanes and their impact...
Let's Make Things Interesting »
Interview with Diane Delves on Boomers
For my latest book, The Stackable Boomer, we asked Diane Delves, President and CEO of Quantum Properties Inc. for her...
The Long View »
Getting through tougher times
Richard Crenian | The Long View | 2016-08-08
Businesses are bound to go through ups and downs. That’s normal. As a property owner, learning how to mitigate long-term...
The Apartment Building Expert »
Understanding cap rates in the apartment sector
Capitalization rates, or cap rates, are a way of estimating the general rate of return of an apartment building by...
The Crowdfunding Corner »
Vancouver real estate crowdfunding panel discussions
Denton’s hosted a very informative panel on real estate crowd funding earlier this spring in Vancouver. The panel comprised of...
Westcoast News »
Five reasons to buy a Calgary commercial condo now
Cori Howard | Westcoast News | 2016-08-10
Are you leasing an office or warehouse space in Calgary? With interest rates at all time lows, now might be...
The Petrus Report »
Real estate trades then and now … negative leverage then and positive leverage now
Pierre Gagne | The Petrus Report | 2016-05-09
Why do we all hear grievances that prices in commercial real estate are too high when Marshnet reports sales/purchases of...
The Numbers Game »
The greenbelt’s collateral damage
Ben Myers | The Numbers Game | 2016-06-14
The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced in May that Ontario is proposing to grow the Greenbelt. Ontario’s Greenbelt...
BOMA Canada News »
Kim Saunders first Canadian BOMA Fellow
Steve McLean | BOMA Canada News | 2016-05-05
Newfoundland and Labrador’s Kim Saunders is the first non-American to be named a BOMA Fellow by Building Owners and Managers...
REALpac REports »
REALpac reviews platforms as election day nears
Steve McLean | REALpac REports | 2015-10-14
The winner of the longest Canadian federal election campaign in history will be declared in four days, and there doesn’t...
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