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The Structural Failure of Building Exteriors: A Legal Perspective – June 7, 2012 – TORONTO

The Structural Failure of Building Exteriors. A Legal, Engineering and Owner Perspective.

In recent years there have been numerous media reports in Canada of marble, concrete, balcony glass and windows detaching and falling off building exteriors onto pedestrian areas. The most alarming occurrence is of glass, marble and cement cladding failing risking serious injury to person and property.

Some incidents can be characterized as unique events that are addressed by building insurance policies. However, when the cause is a failure that can be traced to the construction, design or engineering of the building it raises many legal questions for developers, owners, managers, insurers, architects, contractors, engineers and governmental authorities.

Please join us, in TORONTO, on June 7, 2012 for The Legal Corner breakfast panel presentation on the topic of: “The Structural Failure of Building Exteriors. A Legal, Engineering and Owner Perspective.” (Details and registration.)

Our panel will be moderated by Darrell M. Gold LL,B, author of the “The Legal Corner” and a Partner with Robins Appleby & Taub LLP.

The Panel is comprised of experienced legal, engineering and development experts:

Graeme Scott, Senior Principal – Cladding Engineering, Halsall Associates

Adam Krehm, Principal, O'Shanter Development Company Ltd.

David Taub, LL.B., Partner, Robins Appleby & Taub LLP

The Legal Corner: An RENX Breakfast

The Legal Corner is a regular column in the RENX publication “Property Biz Canada” with expert contributor Darrell M. Gold LL.B a partner with Robins Appleby & Taub LLP, one of Toronto’s pre-eminent commercial real estate law firms.

Building on the success of the column, RENX is hosting “The Legal Corner: A Breakfast Seminar Series” in collaboration with Robins Appleby & Taub LLP.

The Legal Corner is a prime opportunity to learn about legislation, precedent setting legal decisions and other legal matters of interest to the Canadian real estate industry. It is an opportunity to network with your peers and start your day with informative presentations about topics of primary concern to the building sector.

The breakfasts will serve an exciting line up of speakers, leaders in the Canadian real estate legal community, who will deliver informative presentations about precedent setting legal issues.

The Breakfasts are an opportunity to learn, to share knowledge and build the capacity of professionals in the real estate industry in Toronto and Canada to deliver their products and services.

Building owners, tenants, managers, property investors, real estate professionals and anyone else engaged in the providing products and services to the built environment will benefit from attending The Legal Corner Breakfast from learning from the experts and sharing ideas with their peers.

Anyone with a keen interest in Canadian real estate and improving the built environment is encouraged and welcome to attend.

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