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The Real Estate News Exchange (RENX) is an online service that provides news, information and commentary about the Canadian built environment.

RENX is for anyone with an interest in the Canadian property industry and related topics. It is particularly suitable as a source of information for real estate professionals.

All RENX publications are free to our readers and supported primarily by advertising. It is the goal of RENX to offer any size of business an opportunity to promote its services and products through RENX.

News is published on the RENX website and also delivered to the desktops of industry professionals via electronic newsletters. RENX’s newsletters are a premier source of news for Canadian real estate executives.

News delivery to mobile devices

Since its inception in 2001 RENX has published email newsletters which provide a summary of online news of concern to Canadian real estate professionals. 

The newsletters are an assemblage of news articles, presented with a headline, description, website link and stock quote (where appropriate). The articles are selected and prioritized by our team of editors with experience in the real estate and news industries.

RENX publishes the following newsletters.

Commercial Real Estate News  – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Residential Real Estate News – Tuesday 

Property Biz Canada – Tuesday and Thursday

Property Biz Canada

Since May 2011 RENX has published Property Biz Canada, exclusive content created by professional business reporters from across the country.  Property Biz Canada has gained a foothold as a premium, go-to source of Canadian property industry news and information.

Green Real Estate News

In 2016 RENX relocated its green real estate service to Sustainable Biz Canada, a sister website to RENX.  

In real estate as in other industries, a new group of business professionals is emerging whose core focus is corporate sustainability. While we continue to be deeply committed to greening the built environment, we felt it was time to create a separate publication to provide news and information on a broader range of topics in this rapidly expanding field.

Featured Columnists

Since the launch of RENX’s current website in 2014 we have recruited a growing roster of Featured Columnists and industry professionals who contribute articles to us for publication.  In 2015 a new section of the RENX website was created to profile these writers and we are continually expanding this base of expert knowledge and commentary.

Social media

RENX is a premier source of real estate, built environment and property business news on major social media platforms. Follow and engage with us via:

@RENX.ca on Twitter;
– our Facebook page;
– our LinkedIn Corporate Page.

RENX commitment to sustainability

RENX is proud to have been an entirely on-line news service since 2001. We intend to continue to make sustainability a central theme in our content and a high priority for our business operations.

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