Bob Finnigan

Bob Finnigan , Canadian Home Builders' Association

Bob Finnigan is Principal and COO Acquisitions & Housing at Herity, and is the President of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

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Columnist Bob Finnigan explains the difference between a Net Zero, and a Net Zero Ready, home. BIZ A ‘Net Zero’ home: What does it really mean?

Bob Finnigan | Featured Columns | 2017-12-29
In Canada, our new homes are already some of the most energy efficient in the world. There has, however, been...

Bob Finnigan BIZ The truth behind GTA home prices

Bob Finnigan | Featured Columns | 2017-08-17
Cause and effect; supply and demand – the reasons for record high new home prices in the GTA are a...

Bob Finnigan BIZ Homeownership a wise goal for all Canadians

Bob Finnigan | Featured Column | 2017-02-27
Over the past few years, demographics regarding homeownership in Canada have changed, especially for those entering the marketplace – largely...

Bob Finnigan BIZ What is causing Canadian home prices to rise? – Bob Finnigan, President, CHBA

Bob Finnigan | National Viewpoint | 2017-02-06
There’s been a lot of recent media attention lately about foreign home buyers fueling the rise in prices. The ...
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