Liam Kerins

Liam Kerins , Marketing Associate, Real Estate Team , Captivate

Liam Kerins has been with Captivate, LLC since June 2016. He began in a lead-generation role and recently moved into the position of Marketing Associate for Captivate’s Real Estate team. Kerins is a primary contributor to the Captivate Blog, where he provides commentary on Commercial Real Estate, building amenities and digital signage.

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Captivate BIZ 9 amenities tenants love, that won’t cost you any space

Liam Kerins | Property Biz Canada | 2018-12-06
SPONSORED CONTENT: Once solely a workspace, the office has become a new type of catalyst for productivity, blending business with...

Captivate BIZ Your guide to tenant communication

Liam Kerins | Commercial | 2018-11-28
SPONSORED CONTENT: In the current age of social media and 24/7 connectivity, the ways in which we communicate are constantly...

Captivate BIZ The Class-A Lobby Checklist

Liam Kerins | Property Biz Canada | 2018-11-07
SPONSORED CONTENT: In competitive office leasing markets, the significance of the building lobby should not be overlooked. It’s a place...
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