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Cori Howard , Cori Howard Communication

Cori Howard is an expert in commercial real estate communications, public relations and digital media content. She was born and raised in Vancouver and now works with many of the citys’ leading commercial real estate developers on creating innovative strategies to share their stories with buyers, brokers and the general public.

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PC Urban public art BIZ Is there room for public art in industrial buildings?

Cori Howard | Westcoast News | 2016-09-28
Vancouver’s PC Urban has voluntarily commissioned two public installations for their upcoming industrial buildings and in doing so, have shaken...

Calgary Commercial Condo BIZ Five reasons to buy a Calgary commercial condo now

Cori Howard | Featured Column | 2016-08-10
Are you leasing an office or warehouse space in Calgary? With interest rates at all time lows, now might be...

Commercial Condo BIZ What’s behind the commercial condo boom in Vancouver

Cori Howard | Westcoast News | 2016-06-27
The prevalence and popularity of owning your own business space has been in the news lately. That’s because growth of...

PC Urban BIZ Buying your own office – Why it’s worth it now more than ever

Cori Howard | Westcoast News | 2016-06-14
In Vancouver, there’s a lot of talk about our dwindling industrial land supply. Hemmed in by mountains, ocean, the Agricultural...

Chris McCauley BIZ The rush to build on spec in B.C.

Cori Howard | Westcoast News | 2016-06-01
Chris MacCauley has been a commercial real estate broker in Vancouver for over a decade. I sat down with him...

Brent Sawchyn BIZ Q& A with Brent Sawchyn

Cori Howard | Westcoast News | 2016-05-18
Brent Sawchyn is a principal with PC Urban, a leader in Vancouver’s commercial and residential real estate scene. They have...
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