Darrell Gold

Darrell Gold , Partner , Robins Appleby LLP

Darrell is a partner at Robins Appleby LLP and is responsible for the leasing component of its Real Estate Group. He has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of commercial, retail, office and industrial leasing, lease enforcement and dispute resolution on behalf of landlords, tenants and property and asset managers. As well, his practice includes acquisitions and dispositions of commercial real estate and general commercial contracts.

Author’s website: https://www.robinsappleby.com

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BIZ Phase 1, 2 and 3 Environmental Site Assessments (“ESA”) – A Very Basic Primer

Darrell Gold | The Legal Corner | 2014-06-12
This article has been contributed by Darrell Gold LLB with Robins Appleby LLP.As a real estate lawyer whose practice is...

BIZ Why do I owe my broker a commission if my property was not sold?

Darrell Gold | The Legal Corner | 2014-06-05
Many readers of this newsletter own a home and some may also own or come to own commercial properties. At...

BIZ SPAM (Not the kind in the Can) – Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation (“CASL”) – In Force July 1, 2014 – Are You Ready?

Darrell Gold | The Legal Corner | 2014-04-30
You may already be receiving specific e-mail notices from businesses asking you to “click to consent” to continue receiving their...

BIZ Representations v. warranties – Are they different? Do you know the difference?

Darrell Gold | The Legal Corner | 2014-02-19
Almost every agreement, including many leases, contain clauses that purport to be representations and/or warranties. In many cases the parties...

BIZ Relief from forfeiture: When does changing the locks make you less secure?

Darrell Gold | The Legal Corner | 2014-02-06
Typically, changing old locks for new ones should make your premises more secure. However, in the context of commercial leases,...

Darrell Gold BIZ Are you at risk on January 1, 2014? Hiring a contractor and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act

Darrell Gold | The Legal Corner | 2013-12-04
This article has been contributed by Darrell Gold LLB with Robins Appleby & Taub LLP.Starting January 1, 2013, almost everyone in...
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