Derek Nzeribe

Derek Nzeribe , Milborne Group

Derek Nzeribe is Regional Director, Marketing & Business Development, at Milborne Group, which serves clients in a range of diverse developments around the globe. He has extensive consulting, project, project management and sales experience from pre-planning to sellout.Based in Ottawa, he works with developers to maintain sales and marketing timelines, contributes to the implementation of strategic plans and review, and engages in developer, sales, marketing and vendor collaboration. His passion, in-depth knowledge and calm, confident approach to project management instills trust in clients.

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Image of Columnist Derek Nzeribe of Milborne Group. BIZ ‘Vertical city': True mixed-use condos catch on in Ottawa

Derek Nzeribe | Featured Columns | 2018-09-06
Master-planned, mixed-use communities are looking up in Ottawa. Our city is following in the footsteps of other large urban centres...

Image of Columnist Derek Nzeribe of Milborne Group. BIZ Condo designs should reflect the diversity of your city

Derek Nzeribe | Featured Columns | 2018-08-09
Members of the general public often criticize new condominiums for any number of reasons, including the appearance of the buildings....

Image of Columnist Derek Nzeribe of Milborne Group. BIZ Design takes on new importance in condominium market

Derek Nzeribe | Featured Columns | 2018-05-31
New Column Contributor: Now that Ottawa is following in Toronto’s footsteps as a hot residential market, we have much to...
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