Evan Duggan

Evan Duggan

Evan is a freelance multimedia journalist in Vancouver, who has covered business, news, politics and more. In addition to RENX, his work has appeared in the Vancouver Sun, B-Magazine, The Tyee, Elite Daily, Al Jazeera English and others. He can be reached at evan@evanduggan.com

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19370 36 Avenue in Surrey, B.C., has been sold to developer Cedar Coast. It's slated to become the latest expansion of the adjacent Campbell Heights Business Park. BIZ Surrey’s Campbell Heights business park spreads east

Evan Duggan | Commercial | 2018-05-08
The sale of a residential and commercial property in Surrey, B.C., marks the latest expansion of the booming Campbell Heights...

The Post will bring 1.6 million square feet of office space into the Vancouver market, much of it already committed to Amazon. BIZ Vancouver has lowest office vacancy in North America: JLL

Evan Duggan | Commercial | 2018-05-03
Metro Vancouver’s office vacancy is the lowest in North America, but gross office rents for the region remain among the...

The 2018 Vancouver Real Estate Forum. BIZ NIMBYism, skilled labour, permit issues dog Vancouver CRE

Evan Duggan | Commercial | 2018-05-01
A shortage of construction labour and a broken municipal public hearing process are worsening Vancouver’s affordability crisis, says the outgoing...

Image showing portion of downtown Saskatoon. A continuing oversupply of apartments in the city is now driving rental rates down. BIZ Saskatoon apartment vacancy stays high as rental rates fall

Evan Duggan | Property Biz Canada | 2018-04-26
At 14 per cent, Saskatoon’s rental apartment vacancy rate is at a level that might spur Vancouver or Toronto’s embattled...

The East Tower of the River Landing office complex is now being constructed in Saskatoon. BIZ Saskatoon set for wave of high-end office space

Evan Duggan | Commercial | 2018-04-24
Saskatoon’s business tenants will soon have an opportunity to shift from aging office stock into an inventory flush with new...

Samir Manji is the CEO of Vancouver-based Sandpiper Group. BIZ Sandpiper pursues bold path with board shake-ups

Evan Duggan | Commercial | 2018-04-17
In the less-than-two-years since Sandpiper Group launched, the Vancouver-based investment company has been forging a bold path initiating board shake-ups....
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