Brandon Harding

Brandon Harding , NAI Commercial

Brandon entered into the field of real estate at the age of 18 when he began managing apartment buildings. Since graduating from the University of Victoria, in Economics and Business, he has become a key player working with NAI Commercial 's esteemed investment team that includes Jackson Tang and Terry Harding. He has focussed on land development and in his first year assembled a high-rise development site in the Metrotown area of Vancouver. He continues to specialize in land assembly and multi-family transactions, by building up and maintaining relationships with investors, landowners and developers.

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IMAGE: Brandon Harding of NAI Commercial argues this is a terrible time to consider "vacancy controls" in Vancouver. (Image courtesy NAI Commercial) BIZ Worst timing in Vancouver history for ‘vacancy controls’

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Brandon Harding | RENX | 2015-03-19
This article was contributed to Property Biz Canada by Brandon Harding, sales representative with NAI Commercial Multifamily and Land Development...

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