Joel Schlesinger

Joel Schlesinger

Joel is a Winnipeg writer covering a wide variety of topics from personal finance and real estate to health and fitness. His work has appeared in many major Canadian daily newspapers, including the Winnipeg Free Press, Vancouver Sun and The Globe and Mail.

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The IntraUrban Rivershore project by PC Urban Properties feature strata industrial property on a former heavy industrial site in B.C.'s Lower Mainland in Greater Vancouver. BIZ Rivershore keys B.C. Lower Mainland industrial revolution

Joel Schlesinger | Commercial | 2017-09-14
PC Urban Properties’ IntraUrban Rivershore project is literally an island of opportunity in a sea of soaring demand for industrial...

Pegus Trail Winnipeg BIZ Winnipeg’s Chief Peguis Trail extension a road to development

Joel Schlesinger | Commercial | 2017-08-10
Major infrastructure projects in Canada’s big cities usually take a number of years to complete. Winnipeg’s proposed inner ring road...

Residential and commercial developments led by Dream are helping rejuvenate High River, Alta. BIZ High hopes in High River: Alberta town on rebound

Joel Schlesinger | Commercial | 2017-06-29
The scenic town of High River at the foot of the Rocky Mountains has seen its share of floods. The...

The Lightworks Building in Vancouver's Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood. BIZ Vancouver’s Lightworks Building: Old is new again

Joel Schlesinger | Commercial | 2017-05-18
What’s old is becoming new again in Vancouver’s upwardly trending Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood. And a new development by PC Urban...

Apple Self Storage BIZ Storage soars: Self storage a growth business for Canada

Joel Schlesinger | Commercial | 2017-04-25
David Allan likes to say self storage is a fascinating industry. It’s a statement he often punctuates with a laugh....

Vista Crossing BIZ Developer has big dreams for small towns

The town of Crossfield — about 30 minutes north of Calgary — has long been an agricultural hub known best...
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