Paul Brent

Paul Brent , Writer, Editor, Media Trainer

Paul Brent is a writer, editor and media trainer based in Toronto with over 25 years experience as a business reporter. He has written for Canada's major news services on staff at the National Post and subsequently as a freelance writer.

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Edgefront Nobel BIZ Long courtship ends with Edgefront-Noble merger

Paul Brent | Property Biz Canada | 2017-02-16
It was appropriate Edgefront REIT and Nobel REIT announced their intended merger on February 14, a spot on the calendar...

Lanesborough REIT BIZ New CEO leads Lanesborough’s Alberta comeback

Paul Brent | Property Biz Canada | 2017-02-09
Given its heavy exposure to Alberta’s economy and the fire-ravaged epicentre of Fort McMurray in particular, it has been a...

REALPAC MSCI BIZ Lowest return for IPD index in decades, REALPAC / MSCI

Paul Brent | Property Biz Canada | 2017-02-07
The weather was appropriate gray, cold and blustery in Toronto last Friday for the release of the annual REALPAC/MSCI 2016...

piret industrial REIT BIZ PIRET bulks up on U.S. portfolio

Paul Brent | Property Biz Canada | 2017-02-02
Pure Industrial REIT has been so busy rejigging its portfolio in Canada and the U.S. that its latest news release...

Northern Investment Partners BIZ Quebec firm investing in Canadian data centres

Paul Brent | Property Biz Canada | 2017-01-31
When it comes to operating energy hungry data centers, Canada, and Quebec especially, has a lot going for it: proximity...

REALPAC closed-end funds BIZ REALPAC sheds light on massive closed-end funds sector

Paul Brent | Property Biz Canada | 2017-01-19
Closed-end funds are the deep sea creatures of the real estate world. Somewhat mysterious, rarely catalogued or reported on. REALpac...
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