Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian , President , ReDev Properties

Richard Crenian is the founder and President of ReDev Properties. Since its founding in 2001, Richard and ReDev Properties have grown the asset management company using a long-term approach to manage over 25 commercial properties, primarily located in Western Canada. To learn more about Richard please visit

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Planning ahead can save you trouble after signing a lease contract. BIZ Avoid the unexpected through good planning

Richard Crenian | Commercial | 2017-08-15
Thirty years ago, Geraldo Rivera created a media sensation with a TV show that focused on the opening of a...

Richard Crenian BIZ Understanding and investing in commercial real estate

Richard Crenian | Featured Column | 2017-03-19
Too often you hear a phrase that is commonly used and you have a rough idea what it means without...

Richard Crenian BIZ Getting back into gear in Alberta

Richard Crenian | Featured Column | 2017-01-02
The holiday season is usually an opportunity to reflect and rejoice. In recent months, there has been a lot of...

Richard Crenian BIZ Buyer beware

Richard Crenian | Featured Column | 2016-11-14
Property owners need to be on top of environmental regulations It’s a challenging time in the commercial property development industry....

Richard Crenian BIZ Staying true to its character will help Fort McMurray rise from the ashes

Richard Crenian | The Long View | 2016-10-14
Few cities epitomize the word resilience as much as Fort McMurray. Its fortunes have been largely dependent on being able...

Richard Crenian BIZ Working with municipalities

Richard Crenian | Featured Column | 2016-09-07
Often, builder and property owners don’t recognize the challenges of working with municipalities until it’s too late. Mitigating some of...
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