Sean Tait

Sean Tait , Apartment Development Acquisition & Disposition Advisor , SVNRock Advisors

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Sean Tait BIZ A boom for rental as owners cash out of homes

Sean Tait | Property Biz Canada | 2017-04-11
Today, millions of Canadians have been blessed with unprecedented wealth due in large part to one key financial asset: their...

Sean Tait BIZ Advisors obliged to provide innovative options

Sean Tait | Property Biz Canada | 2017-03-27
Be it in technology, processes, or simply mindset, consumers are frequently ahead of business in the adoption of new best...

Sean Tait BIZ On ‘dealing with’ clients

Sean Tait | Featured Column | 2017-02-21
Have you every commented in passing that you must “deal with a client”? This casual turn of phrase carries weight. ...

Sean Tait and Beenish Munawar BIZ Admin support makes CRE teams work

Sean Tait | Property Biz Canada | 2017-01-23
Brokerage today has become so complex that the stereotype of the lone broker who knows everyone and does everything has...
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