Volodya Gusak

Volodya Gusak

Chief Financial Officer responsible for all finance, accounting and administrative corporate functions of PC Urban Properties Corp. A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA,CA) and a Bachelor of Business Administration, Simon Fraser University. I love to learn and read both business and personal development books.

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BIZ Debunking the myths around Vancouver real estate prices

Volodya Gusak | Featured Column | 2017-02-04
The big news out of Vancouver recently has been the release of a report by Resonance Consulting about the future...

VG BIZ Why is world capital attracted to Vancouver Real Estate?

Volodya Gusak | Featured Column | 2016-11-30
Real estate has traditionally been considered an illiquid asset. But in Vancouver’s red-hot market, that’s changing. Let’s look specifically at...
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