BOMEX Quebec: A chance to shine from coast to coast

Directrice des communications at Gestion PGA
  • Mar. 4, 2015

The commercial real estate spotlight is on Quebec this year.  Not only will they be hosting their local edition of the BOMA Awards – La Belle Province will also be welcoming the ROC from September 13 to 17. That’s because BOMEX® will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in Quebec City. The grand finale will of course be the BOMA Canada National Awards Gala.

BOMEX 2015About the BOMA Awards

Let’s take a step back. The quarter century-old BOMA Awards, are the brainchild of BOMA Canada. The awards initially focused on buildings. The goal of The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY®) competition was to acknowledge and encourage the pursuit of quality and excellence in commercial real estate. It was also meant to reward property managers and owners who distinguished themselves from their peers.

Over time, the recognition program grew to include the Pinnacle® Awards and the Earth® Awards. The awards program offers several opportunities to compete, such as: The TOBY® Awards, in which competitors can choose from 14 different categories ranging from large-scale properties, to renovated buildings, to industrial building complexes, through to historic properties.

The Pinnacle® Awards focus on innovation, teamwork, outstanding customer service and commitment to clients. The Earth® Awards seek to recognize the preservation of resources and environmentally sound commercial building management practices. The TOBY® and Earth® Awards are open to any type of property with a minimum of 50% of office space. All property management teams and companies who supply products and services related to property management can vie for the Pinnacle® Awards. However, in order to compete at the national level, one must have won at a local association awards competition in the awards cycle entry year – in this case, 2015.

Winners in one of the Outstanding Building categories only at the national level can move on to the International level! 

Discover BOMEX® 2015

BOMEX® 2015 will be celebrating its anniversary in style. This year’s theme is “History forms – Technology transforms” and what better setting than historic Quebec City. More than 500 people are expected to attend commercial real estate’s most important three-day “happening.” Between visits to breathtaking vistas, participants will be able to choose from thirty conferences and workshops; building tours and networking events. Guest speakers include Moment Factory’s Eric Fournier. One of this Montreal-based new-media company’s claims to fame is the floor visuals, lighting and interactive elements it has brought to two Super Bowl half-time shows. 

BOMEX® 2015 is also one of the most important commercial real estate trade shows in Canada. About 80 exhibitors will present innovative products in sectors as diverse as energy, structures and safety.

So who will take the stage?

Well Canada, that’s what we’ll find out on September 17th.  BOMEX® 2015 will culminate with the BOMA Canada National Awards Gala.  The best and the proudest of Canada’s real estate community will get the opportunity to showcase their work on that one night. But only one will win in each category.  Who will it be? Well, that depends on who wins at the local level.  And there’s only one way to find out: Be there!  For more information, visit

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