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Recent Featured Column Real Estate News

Kelly Macsymic, ICR Commercial, Saskatoon. BIZ Does Saskatoon need a daily Farmers’ Market?

Kelly Macsymic | 2018-11-08
The City of Saskatoon has officially put out a tender to lease the Farmers’ Market building in Riversdale. The facility...

IMAGE: Commercial to residential property tax ratios in major Canadian cities in 2018. (Graphic courtesy ICR Commercial, data courtesy Altus Group. BIZ Sask. cities enjoy lowest CRE to residential tax ratios

Barry Stuart | 2018-11-06
There is lots of chatter on the street with the recently released preliminary budget from the City of Saskatoon, which...

BIZ Successful first year for Saskatoon’s Remai Modern

Kelly Macsymic | 2018-11-01
Say what you like about it, but more than 450,000 people fed their curiosity and took in Saskatoon’s new public...

ILLUSTRATION: Historical vacancy in the Saskatoon industrial sector. (Graphic courtesy ICR Commercial) BIZ Saskatoon industrial vacancy drops in Q3 2018

Barry Stuart | 2018-10-23
Our quarterly market reports have just been released and we’re pleased to report the overall industrial vacancy rate is heading...

Kelly Macsymic, ICR Commercial, Saskatoon. BIZ New Horizons idea failed miserably . . . or did it?

Kelly Macsymic | 2018-10-11
Have you ever stumbled onto one of those websites that features abandoned spaces? My favourites are old malls. Once a...

John Clark BIZ Is NAFTA 2.0 a boon to rural and small-town economies?

John Clark | 2018-10-09
Now that we have had time to detox from the NAFTA 2.0 political spin over Thanksgiving, it’s time to consider...

Featured Columns

Value: Weighed and Measured »
Who is really doing the homebuying in our mad markets?
The residential real estate markets in Toronto and Vancouver can only be described as surreal. The home buyers just keep...
The Saskatchewan Edge »
Does Saskatoon need a daily Farmers’ Market?
The City of Saskatoon has officially put out a tender to lease the Farmers’ Market building in Riversdale. The facility...
The People Space »
People Space: GWL promotes Finkbeiner, new CFOs at Morguard…
Don Wilcox | The People Space | 2018-11-12
Great-West Lifeco has appointed Paul Finkbeiner to the new position of executive vice-president, global head of real estate. Finkbeiner, who...
The Long View »
Canadian commercial real estate: An investor’s best-kept secret?
Richard Crenian | The Long View | 2018-08-28
At a time when it appears politics is just another reality TV show, it seems too many people are willing...
Commercial Real Estate Insider »
Why sales-leasebacks appeal to modern corporations
Companies seeking ways to increase capital could literally be sitting on a viable solution says Dave Anderson of Cushman and...
In The Condo Know »
‘Vertical city': True mixed-use condos catch on in Ottawa
Derek Nzeribe | In The Condo Know | 2018-09-06
Master-planned, mixed-use communities are looking up in Ottawa. Our city is following in the footsteps of other large urban centres...
CRE Tech: Riding the Digital Wave »
Ivanhoé Cambridge’s Jonathan Pearce discusses future of CRE
It’s always useful to get perspective on the outlook for commercial real estate by engaging in a dialogue with an...
The Title Page »
Title insurance — a matter of opinion
Eric Haslett | The Title Page | 2016-04-26
“What more am I getting?” This is one of the first questions people ask when their lawyer suggests purchasing...
Capital Commentary »
CMHC underwriting mortgage changes
If you are already an apartment building owner or looking to purchase an apartment building then you have two mortgage...
Let's Make Things Interesting »
What to expect from the Vancouver housing market
What will the year 2017 hold for real estate and development in the lower mainland? It’s a question that has...
The Apartment Building Expert »
Understanding cap rates in the apartment sector
Capitalization rates, or cap rates, are a way of estimating the general rate of return of an apartment building by...
Online Private Equity »
A primer on REITs, MICs, funds and SPV investing
In this article we will be discussing different types of pooled investments including Private Direct Investing via Asset Specific Pools,...
Westcoast News »
Vancouver’s plan for False Creek Flats falls short
Cori Howard | Westcoast News | 2017-05-30
The False Creek Flats area of Vancouver is the last bastion of opportunity for creating a diverse mix of industrial...
The Numbers Game »
Toronto condo market: Will it follow Vancouver, N.Y. or Phoenix?
Ben Myers | The Numbers Game | 2018-08-02
About 10 years ago, you’d often see new condo investor marketing pieces with projected unit carrying costs that would spell...
BOMA Canada News »
BOMA Regina hosts BOMEX for the first time
Victoria Gabel | BOMA Canada News | 2016-10-10
For the first time in its history, BOMEX® came to the Queen City of Regina! From September 20-22nd, BOMA Regina...
National Viewpoint »
A ‘Net Zero’ home: What does it really mean?
Bob Finnigan | National Viewpoint | 2017-12-29
In Canada, our new homes are already some of the most energy efficient in the world. There has, however, been...
Finance Re-imagined »
Debunking the myths around Vancouver real estate prices
The big news out of Vancouver recently has been the release of a report by Resonance Consulting about the future...
The Strategic Broker »
A boom for rental as owners cash out of homes
Today, millions of Canadians have been blessed with unprecedented wealth due in large part to one key financial asset: their...
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