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BIZ A Breach of the “Quiet Enjoyment” Covenant – “Scents” and Sensibility”

Darrell Gold | 2013-11-14
Some of you may recall that I wrote about the law of “quiet enjoyment” just over a year ago.[1] ...

BIZ Land transfer tax on an asset sale – ‘fixtures’ v. ‘Chattels’

Darrell Gold | 2013-10-27
In a 2013 B.C. decision, (Zellstoff Celgar Ltd. v. British Columbia), at issue was whether or not equipment and machinery...

BIZ Help! I can’t use my premises! – The “Leasehold Title Insurance Endorsement (“LTE”)”

Darrell Gold | 2013-10-16
Title insurance for owners and lenders is common on many commercial deals and affords some protection from title and zoning...

BIZ Capital repairs – An update

Darrell Gold | 2013-06-19
Many of you will recall an earlier Legal Corner article (June 2012) where I wrote about the Ontario decision in...

5612-5115-4931-4594-11-art1 BIZ The dangers of wrongful termination: Damages and more

Darrell Gold | 2013-06-06
In Shanahan v. Turning Point Restaurant Ltd. [Shanahan], a recent decision of the BC Court of Appeal, the tenant gave...

BIZ Does Size Really Matter? “Fixtures” (not removable) v. “Trade Fixtures” (removable)

Darrell Gold | 2013-05-09
A 2013 Newfoundland Court of Appeal decision Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corp. v. Humby sheds more light on the difficult...

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When I started my career 15 years ago in Texas, most major homebuilders in Dallas operated across the state, and...
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BOMA Regina hosts BOMEX for the first time
Victoria Gabel | BOMA Canada News | 2016-10-10
For the first time in its history, BOMEX® came to the Queen City of Regina! From September 20-22nd, BOMA Regina...
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A ‘Net Zero’ home: What does it really mean?
Bob Finnigan | National Viewpoint | 2017-12-29
In Canada, our new homes are already some of the most energy efficient in the world. There has, however, been...
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The big news out of Vancouver recently has been the release of a report by Resonance Consulting about the future...
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