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John Clark BIZ Would you like a $1.7M property taxes refund?

John Clark | 2016-09-28
If your MPAC assessment doesn’t have you seeing red, maybe it should. You may recall a few posts back I...

John Clark BIZ A close look at that assessment notice could be worth tens of $1,000s to your bottom line

John Clark | 2016-09-10
If you operate a business in Ontario you pay property taxes. Mark Oct. 18 on your calendar. ...

John Clark BIZ Is the driverless car bringing a shakeup to real estate?

John Clark | 2016-08-26
Self-driving, driverless, autonomous – call it what you will, but a car on the road without a driver behind the...

John Clark BIZ How many red buildings do you have in your portfolio?

John Clark | 2016-08-11
Last year temperatures were the hottest on record, by a wide margin. According to the experts, it was a combination...

John Clark BIZ Making buildings greener doesn’t have to be rocket science

John Clark | 2016-07-28
For years, my brother complained about the heat in the summer cottage. I’d suggested that using a soaker hose to...

John Clark BIZ Will Brexit drive U.K. investors to Canada’s REITs?

John Clark | 2016-07-13
Pundits have already been talking about how Brexit – that exercise in political gamesmanship gone horribly wrong – might fan...

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Getting back into gear in Alberta
Richard Crenian | The Long View | 2017-01-02
The holiday season is usually an opportunity to reflect and rejoice. In recent months, there has been a lot of...
Value: Weighed and Measured »
Canada at the mercy of every twitch and grunt in 2017
It’s time for cautious investors to tread carefully and even the most daring to check and recheck their facts before...
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Why is world capital attracted to Vancouver Real Estate?
Real estate has traditionally been considered an illiquid asset. But in Vancouver’s red-hot market, that’s changing. Let’s look specifically at...
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Time to build purpose built rental units?
Condominium construction has dominated the residential development space for a number of years now. This was primarily due to the...
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Access Private Equity (PE) through crowdfunding portals
A 2016 McKinsey Global Institute report suggests the combination of higher interest rates, lower economic growth and weak corporate profits...
The Title Page »
Title insurance — a matter of opinion
Eric Haslett | The Title Page | 2016-04-26
“What more am I getting?” This is one of the first questions people ask when their lawyer suggests purchasing...
The Saskatchewan Edge »
Steady as she goes, in Saskatoon CRE
ICR has collected the fourth quarter results for 2016 and though commercial vacancy remains higher than average in some sectors,...
The Numbers Game »
If you hate condos, you should hope that more get built
Ben Myers | The Numbers Game | 2016-09-30
A lot of people don’t like condominium apartments, they would never live in them, and they don’t like that they...
Let's Make Things Interesting »
When science fiction becomes science fact
Duncan Stewart, the Director of Telecommunications, Media and Technology at Deloitte, is predicting the future. With a background in science...
The Strategic Broker »
Compensated cooperation
You didn’t get into the commercial real estate business to lose money. But did you know that the existing business...
The Apartment Building Expert »
Understanding cap rates in the apartment sector
Capitalization rates, or cap rates, are a way of estimating the general rate of return of an apartment building by...
Westcoast News »
Is there room for public art in industrial buildings?
Cori Howard | Westcoast News | 2016-09-28
Vancouver’s PC Urban has voluntarily commissioned two public installations for their upcoming industrial buildings and in doing so, have shaken...
The Petrus Report »
Real estate trades then and now … negative leverage then and positive leverage now
Pierre Gagne | The Petrus Report | 2016-05-09
Why do we all hear grievances that prices in commercial real estate are too high when Marshnet reports sales/purchases of...
BOMA Canada News »
BOMA Regina hosts BOMEX for the first time
Victoria Gabel | BOMA Canada News | 2016-10-10
For the first time in its history, BOMEX® came to the Queen City of Regina! From September 20-22nd, BOMA Regina...
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