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Recent Property Biz Canada

John Clark - Ottawa BIZ What happens when insurers say, ‘Enough’?

John Clark | 2017-09-14
On the West Coast, where it’s only a matter of time before the Big One, or more than one, hits...

The Royal is being developed in Calgary by Bosa Development. BIZ Vancouver developers bullish on Calgary’s recovery

Mario Toneguzzi | 2017-09-12
Calgary’s real estate market has taken a hit over the last few years due to a vicious economic downturn, but...

Panelists discuss strategies for maximizing the value of older buildings at the Canadian Apartment Investment Conference in Toronto. BIZ CAIC panel tackles best practices for older apartment buildings

Steve McLean | 2017-09-12
Older apartment buildings need to be treated differently from new properties when it comes to buying, selling and maintaining them,...

The Villa Marie III in Hamilton is one of a portfolio of residential buildings purchased by Q Management LP. (Image courtesy QMLP) BIZ QMLP buys residential portfolios in Hamilton, London

Steve McLean | 2017-09-12
Q Management LP (QMLP) has entered into agreements to acquire 2,019 suites at 24 properties in Hamilton and London, Ont.,...

RealREIT BIZ What crisis? Canada’s retail sector adapting, experts say

Don Wilcox | 2017-09-12
Daily headlines of doom and gloom in Canadian retail might be overblown, according to panelists discussing the sector at the...

ProREIT has purchased this retail property at 165 Chain Lake Dr. in Halifax. (Google Street View image) BIZ PROREIT buys Halifax retail property

RENX Staff | 2017-09-12
PRO Real Estate Investment Trust has added to its east coast portfolio with a binding agreement to purchase an $8.2...

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The Title Page »
Title insurance — a matter of opinion
Eric Haslett | The Title Page | 2016-04-26
“What more am I getting?” This is one of the first questions people ask when their lawyer suggests purchasing...
Capital Commentary »
CMHC underwriting mortgage changes
If you are already an apartment building owner or looking to purchase an apartment building then you have two mortgage...
Value: Weighed and Measured »
What happens when insurers say, ‘Enough’?
On the West Coast, where it’s only a matter of time before the Big One, or more than one, hits...
The Saskatchewan Edge »
Making grocery shopping more convenient since 1974
I’m about to really date myself here, but as a kid do you remember going to the grocery store and...
Let's Make Things Interesting »
What to expect from the Vancouver housing market
What will the year 2017 hold for real estate and development in the lower mainland? It’s a question that has...
The Long View »
Avoid the unexpected through good planning
Richard Crenian | The Long View | 2017-08-15
Thirty years ago, Geraldo Rivera created a media sensation with a TV show that focused on the opening of a...
The Apartment Building Expert »
Understanding cap rates in the apartment sector
Capitalization rates, or cap rates, are a way of estimating the general rate of return of an apartment building by...
The Crowdfunding Corner »
Ontario Finance Minister updates CRELA at luncheon
Ontario Minister of Finance Charles Sousa recently told Commercial Real Estate Lenders Association (CRELA) members he would like to see...
Westcoast News »
Vancouver’s plan for False Creek Flats falls short
Cori Howard | Westcoast News | 2017-05-30
The False Creek Flats area of Vancouver is the last bastion of opportunity for creating a diverse mix of industrial...
The Numbers Game »
Does Toronto have a condo-flipping problem?
Ben Myers | The Numbers Game | 2017-05-11
Ontario’s Minister of Finance Charles Sousa recently railed against “property scalpers” in the Toronto new housing market, and the recently...
BOMA Canada News »
BOMA Regina hosts BOMEX for the first time
Victoria Gabel | BOMA Canada News | 2016-10-10
For the first time in its history, BOMEX® came to the Queen City of Regina! From September 20-22nd, BOMA Regina...
National Viewpoint »
The truth behind GTA home prices
Bob Finnigan | National Viewpoint | 2017-08-17
Cause and effect; supply and demand – the reasons for record high new home prices in the GTA are a...
Finance Re-imagined »
Debunking the myths around Vancouver real estate prices
The big news out of Vancouver recently has been the release of a report by Resonance Consulting about the future...
The Strategic Broker »
A boom for rental as owners cash out of homes
Sean Tait | The Strategic Broker | 2017-04-11
Today, millions of Canadians have been blessed with unprecedented wealth due in large part to one key financial asset: their...
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