REALpac adds capital markets & lending to Toronto fall curriculum

Citing a demand for new professional development topics and coursework from its membership, Real Property Association of Canada  (REALpac) has added two inaugural courses this fall in Toronto.

The new courses on the slate this year:

RealPAC2014 Capital Markets & Investing (Sep. 30-Oct.1) and 2014 Lending in Commercial Real Estate (Oct. 8-Oct. 9).

“We have a few new offerings this year,” said Ed Byers, Manager of Professional Development and Events with REALpac. “We are restructuring all of our professional development, tailored to the needs of our members and line them up with our mission statement, committees and mandate.”

Go to market

REALpac’s two-day capital markets course intends to encompass the ever-expanding real estate sector, which today includes mutual fund managers and other equity capital markets participants. It will address the powerful role that analysts play in the capital markets system and address how public company managers and their boards are placing increasing importance of good corporate governance. 

The course will also discuss various ways of raising capital across the real estate sector, REIT vs. corporate structures, the IPO process, related valuation and performance measurement concepts in the public markets, and current issues facing the capital markets with a focus on governance.

Taught by Bay Street veteran Ron Rimer, former head of Equity Capital Markets at Macquarie Capital Canada, the course will use a combination of lectures, guest speakers, and “mini” case studies designed to replicate actual day to day experiences of various market participants.

Rimer is currently lining up as many as four prominent real estate sector players (who are promised to need no introduction) to bring the capital markets material to life.

“That was the feedback we got from all of our courses,” explained Byers. “People say `I want to hear the war stories, I want to know what is relevant in the industry today, I want to learn how to do it, but I also want to hear from people who have been in the industry and can say this is what we encountered, this is how we did it.’”

Lending too

Also making it’s debut on the fall syllabus is REALpac’s two-day Lending in Commerce Real Estate.

Taught by Daniel Simunac, managing director and principal officer, head of real estate and corporate banking Canada, with Raymond James Bank, his course will similarly lean on the “war stories” approach with guest speakers and lecturers still to be announced.

“Ron (Rimer) is rounding up some top A-level folks to come in and so is Dan (Simunac),” said REALpac’s Byers.

The two-day course will focus on the “life blood” of commercial real estate, namely debt and the use of financial leverage to bring life to most real estate transactions.

The course will focus on identifying and understanding the goals and underwriting methods of real estate lending and explaining the rationale behind why varying structures and approaches are used by different lenders. It will lean heavily on “real world” financing examples from within the Canadian marketplace, comparing it with other markets, “together with utilizing a combination of lectures, interactive panel discussions and business cases to provide students with a fulsome and interactive learning experience.

More to come

The fall docket also includes the two-day Valuation in Commercial Real Estate (Oct. 14-15) with new material and instructors from Altus Group Ltd. It will be led by Colin Johnson, president of research, valuation and advisory with Altus supported by a number of other Altus executives.

“This one is with new instructors from Altus, they have rewritten the material for us,” said Byers.

The course promises to give participants with a practical understanding of valuation fundamentals including case studies and valuation modelling exercises. It will also cover some of the key differences in valuation issues and techniques between different asset classes and emerging valuation trends and technologies.

Other REALpac courses include:
•    Finance and Investment in Commercial Real Estate (Nov.5-6, Toronto) and (Nov 13-14 Edmonton)
•    Accounting for Real Estate Entities under IFRS (Nov. 12, Toronto).
•    Real Estate Development (Oct 2-3, Calgary) and (Nov 20-21, Toronto).

Most of the courses are eligible for continuing education credits with BOMI International and REALpac is aiming to make them more formalized, structured and predictable.

“Ideally in the future at some point we can work towards a certificate program,” said Byers. “We are kind of lining them all up in that strategic direction so that they are all two days, they are all the same breakdown from breaks to case studies to lecture methods.”

About REALpac

REALpac is Canada’s most senior, influential and informative voice in the real property investment industry. REALpac brings together the industry’s Chief Executives to collectively influence public policy, to educate government and the public, to ensure stable and beneficial real estate property and capital markets and to promote the performance of the real property sector in Canada.

Paul is a writer, editor and media trainer based in Toronto with over 25 years of experience as a business reporter. He has written for Canada’s major news services on…

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Paul is a writer, editor and media trainer based in Toronto with over 25 years of experience as a business reporter. He has written for Canada’s major news services on…

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