For Sale: Shubenacadie Tidal Bore Rafting Park and Cottages

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For Sale
Shubenacadie Tidal Bore Rafting Park and Cottages
Urbania, Nova Scotia

Grant Thornton Limited has been appointed Receiver (the “Receiver”) of Shubenacadie Tidal Bore Rafting Park Limited, pursuant to an Order issued by the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.

The Receiver invites offers for the assets of the rafting park.

Established 28 years ago, this year round resort is located on XXX feet of the Shubenacadie River, including a lodge, licensed restaurant, 10 pine cabins, 3 log cabins, Russian style sauna/steam lodge and have fully equipped Zodiac rafts.

All offers must be received in writing before
 12:00 noon ADT, Thursday, July 23, 2015

Interested parties may receive additional information regarding this opportunity and the Receiver’s terms and conditions of sale by contacting:

Julia Kelly at [email protected] T 902.455.5622
Peter Wedlake at [email protected] T 902.482.7242

7067 Chebucto Rd, Suite 107
Halifax, NS,  B3L 4R5


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