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Amar Nijjar Founder, R2

A primer on REITs, MICs, funds and SPV investing

Amar Nijjar Commercial REITs National Jul. 11 2018
In this article we will discuss different types of pooled investments including private direct investing via asset-specific pools, REITs, MICs and investment funds. What is a pooled investment vehicle? As its name suggests, a pooled investment vehicle (PIV), sometimes called

Access Private Equity (PE) through crowdfunding portals

Amar Nijjar Commercial Financing National Oct. 10 2016
A 2016 McKinsey Global Institute report suggests the combination of higher interest rates, lower economic growth and weak corporate profits is here to stay – and a portfolio made up only of stocks and bonds will generate lower returns for years to come. Commercial

Vancouver real estate crowdfunding panel discussions

Amar Nijjar Commercial Strategy Metro Vancouver Jun. 22 2016
Denton‘s hosted a very informative panel on real estate crowdfunding earlier this year on March 29, 2016 in Vancouver. The panel comprised of various market experts including KPMG, Dentons, R2Crowd and Churchill Corporation. Attendees included individuals from different facets of the industry like

What Ontario government says about FinTech

Amar Nijjar Commercial Proptech National May. 18 2016
More than 440 participants attended the 2016 Canadian Crowdfunding Summit (CCS2016) at MaRS Discovery on March 3.   The incredible event brought together a diverse crowd of companies, investors, providers, industry experts and leaders in the crowdfunding, financial technology (FinTech) and alternative finance (AltFi) sectors.

Crowdfunding: An alternative to direct real estate investment

Amar Nijjar Commercial Investors National Apr. 22 2016
The shock from the relentless slide in oil prices is spreading ever further into our economy and financial markets, with the dollar, the stock market and bond yields all descending to new lows.  Public markets today are extremely interconnected and if

How to invest in Canadian crowdfunded RE

Amar Nijjar Commercial Investors National Apr. 13 2016
Now that we have identified how to select a crowdfunding platform, we can discuss how to choose which real estate assets will result in a high return on your investment. Based on our market observations and discussions with other professionals

Choosing a crowdfunded real estate portal

Amar Nijjar Commercial Investors National Mar. 9 2016
One of the fastest-growing investment vehicles over the past few years is crowdfunding. Entrepreneurs have recognized the potential of crowdfunding and its ease of accessibility to investors through a variety of social media networks and platforms. Real estate crowdfunding portals are a

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