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The Real Estate News Exchange (RENX) is an online service that provides news, information, and commentary about the Canadian built environment. It is particularly suitable as a source of information for real estate professionals.

RENX 2023 Media KitAll RENX publications are free to our readers and supported primarily by advertising. It is the goal of RENX to offer any size of business an opportunity to promote its services and products through RENX.

RENX is published on business days on the RENX website, delivered daily to mobile devices and the desktop of industry professionals as email newsletters and posted to social media.

RENX provides a blended advertising program where every advertiser receives both desktop, mobile and email newsletter exposure.

RENX is open for business. No registration. No fees. No paywall.

RENX ads reach the Canadian commercial real estate industry and a growing international audience.

For more information and to request a RENX Media Kit 2023 contact Simon Rideout, 1 (855) 569-6300 or

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