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As losses continue, Lanesborough REIT to sell assets and shut down

Don Wilcox Residential Apartments Winnipeg May. 23 2024

UPDATED: Heavily indebted Lanesborough REIT (LRT.UN-V) intends to sell its property assets to a company connected to its vice chairman for $41M and cease operations. In its Q1 2024 financials released Thursday, LREIT reports a $2.3-million loss.

Globe Capital Mgmt. in growth mode, buying apartment buildings

Steve McLean Residential Transactions Winnipeg Apr. 16 2024

Globe Capital Management is taking advantage of something of a lull in acquisitions by public and institutional multiresidential owners to grow its own portfolio. The Winnipeg-based firm is also actively developing properties, looking for building sites, and consolidating ownership.

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