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Greatest real estate gifts of the past year

Christmas is a time to reflect and appreciate all the good things that happened over the past yea...

Christmas is a time to reflect and appreciate all the good things that happened over the past year.

Commercial real estate agents are no different.

And as such, I submit to you the greatest gifts tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers gave me during 2019.

Speedy replies

When you’re under a time crunch, one of the biggest time sucks is waiting on replies. Be it a phone call, text message or email, all forms of communication are appreciated in a timely manner.

Kudos to those people who sent things to me when they said they’d send them to me.

Those who did not, you know which side of Santa’s naughty/nice list you’ll end up on.

Punctuality matters

I pride myself on being on time for all appointments and showings, so it’s a great joy to me when clients reciprocate.

In our world, time is money. We aren’t paid by the hour so any extra minute we get is valued.

If you got to our appointed meeting on time, I noticed, and I thank you.

It’s transparent

We can save a lot of time on the previous two items I’ve mentioned, with open and honest communication from the beginning.

I exist to serve commercial real estate clients to the best of ability.

Part of that is having all the info I need to be successful. Transactions work much more smoothly when all expectations are laid bare.

For the clients who trusted me with all the tools I needed to get their needs met, I salute you!

Overall, I’m grateful for every commercial real estate interaction I had this past year, good and bad.

Even my most challenging deals have resulted in personal growth, be it patience or compassion.

Have a very Merry Christmas and whichever side of the real estate deal you find yourself on, I wish you continued success!

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