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Canadian owned and operated, Equiton is a leading private equity firm that delivers notable returns for investors. We believe in making private real estate investing accessible to all Canadians and provide easy access to all types of investment grade real estate through our proven, high-performing investment solutions.

Navigating Canada’s housing crisis

Rose Baker Residential Housing National Dec. 5 2023

In the face of Canada's housing crisis, Private Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) emerge as a potential solution. They can address affordability, increase housing supply, and elevate property standards, offering hope for a more sustainable housing future.

Learn how to recession proof your portfolio

Kyle Agro Recession National Sep. 19 2023

Prepare your investments for potential recession in Canada by diversifying your portfolio and invest in private real estate investment with Equiton's Apartment Fund for stability and profitability.

Understanding the three ways to invest in apartments

Lawrence Raponi Residential Apartments National May. 23 2023

Investing in multi-family real estate can be divided into three categories: value add, newly constructed and development. Learn about the three ways to invest in apartments and why having a mix of all three in your portfolio is important.

The time is right to invest in real estate

Austin Rogers Residential Rentals National Jan. 24 2023

Successfully investing in real estate means understanding that not all real estate is created equal. While single-family homes have experienced falling prices, multi-residential apartments continue to see positive gains.

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