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HOPA Ports

HOPA Ports offers port and marine assets in Hamilton, Oshawa and Niagara, supporting industry and facilitating trade. By investing in high-quality infrastructure and prioritizing sustainability, HOPA helps build prosperous working waterfronts in Ontario communities. Overseeing more than 1,000 acres and more than 140 tenant companies, 40,000 Ontario jobs are connected to the cargo that passes through HOPA’s integrated ports.

HOPA Ports re-creating Great Lakes sites for modern industry

Larissa Fenn Commercial Development Ontario Jun. 7 2023

HOPA Ports and partners are reinventing legacy industrial spaces for modern users. Two new projects in Hamilton and Niagara provide the multimodal infrastructure that new industries require.

Growing companies thrive in HOPA’s industrial network

Commercial Infrastructure Toronto / GTA Feb. 1 2022
“We love to hear from potential customers when their growth plan is still just a kernel of an idea.” Jeremy Dunn, Commercial Vice President, explains HOPA Ports’ collaborative approach to working with customers. More than 140 businesses call HOPA properties

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