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There are some pandemic practices we should make permanent

Saskatchewan has entered step three of our reopening plan and most restrictions from public healt...

Saskatchewan has entered step three of our reopening plan and most restrictions from public health orders have been lifted. But does that mean we should all go back to business as usual?

I think there are a few pandemic measures we could all just continue with.

Social distancing, though not always convenient, is something I’d like to see stick around. In large retail spaces let’s keep a few feet between each other.

And while I get that restaurants have to maximize every inch of their space for seating, I wouldn’t be opposed to tables being spread out a little more.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciated personal space during the pandemic.

Keep it clean

I never really like to think about how gross and germ infested the world is around me. But during the pandemic we all became hyper aware of it.

The constant sanitizing and increased cleanliness of businesses was no inconvenience for me as a consumer.

We all stayed a little healthier this past 18 months without the common spread of cold and flu as a spinoff from the pandemic.

I think it’s time for folks to ask themselves: if I’m sick, is it vital I enter this store or business? The pandemic has caused many people to re-evaluate if they are too sick to be leaving their homes.

Delivery services for grocery, medication and other retail have vastly improved over the past year. It’s now much more convenient to stay in and give your body the time it needs to heal as opposed to infecting others.

I won’t miss digging around for my mask and with my double vaccination I’m feeling prepared.

However, I might pause next time I have a sniffle.

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