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Close more long-term lease agreements with Truspace

Getting a new client to commit to a lease agreement can be very challenging due to the fear of th...

Truspace did the UFA project which was 70,000 square feet - we added meeting rooms and more workspace.

Truspace completed the UFA project which was 70,000 square feet.  We added meeting rooms and more workspace.

Getting a new client to commit to a lease agreement can be very challenging due to the fear of the unknown and the uncertainty of the total investment of time and finances. Your client relies on you, their broker, to identify the best leasing space for their needs and negotiate the best lease agreement.

In partnering with Truspace, we will act as a free resource giving you the ability to provide upfront transparency to the total investment of the prospective space that is accurate and all-inclusive. Our broker partners find this very useful as it gives them the ability to expedite and leverage a deal, allowing you to close long-term deals and providing a professional and superior client leasing experience.

Our Enhanced Feasibility Study (EFS) is the key to your success. Our unique process helps you promptly close deals with potential tenants by providing upfront visibility to the space based on the clients’ requirements, a detailed budget, and a project schedule without any obligations from you or your client. Our EFS will also support your negotiations on TI allowances, rental rates, fixturing periods, and long-term lease agreements. We give you high-level detail upfront so that you can make informed, educated decisions regarding the next steps for your clients. This package is also very beneficial in helping clients quickly assess multiple locations by providing an EFS for each, so they have the educated information for their current and future needs.

What exactly is the Truspace Enhanced Feasibility Study?

Our EFS comprises four deliverables: a comprehensive test fit, a detailed budget, a complete project schedule, and a personalized look book. Not only are these deliverables complimentary, but we also have a quicker turnaround time on these items than traditional firms. Traditional feasibility studies take months to complete, whereas our Enhanced Feasibility Study can be completed within 2-3 weeks.

We believe in the importance of spending focused energy at the inception of a feasibility proposal to understand the complete needs of a project, which can save time and money throughout the project’s lifecycle.

  • Comprehensive test fit: We will lead you and your client through an exploratory process that assists in defining the needs and requirements of the space. We identify a project’s relevant factors and devise a targeted plan to complete it to a client’s specific budget requirements. We thoroughly assess the space by considering infrastructure requirements, electrical and plumbing, potential permitting needs, and building code requirements. Then we work in tandem with our design team and trades to establish all constraints up front. Truspace will advocate for you with landlords, ensuring you and your tenant are protected and confident in signing the lease agreement.
  • Detailed budget: One significant difference between our competitors and us is that we commit to a budget upfront. This gives you the power to negotiate TI allowances, net rental rates, and long-term lease agreements with your tenants by having complete visibility into the total design and construction costs associated with meeting your client’s needs. When presenting multiple locations, providing your tenant with cost certainty upfront allows them to prioritize their requirements against their target budget and make a quicker decision on a leasing deal.
  • Complete project schedule: Scheduling is part of your negotiating power with landlords, and we maximize that power by giving you a complete, precise, and accurate schedule. An accurate schedule upfront allows you to negotiate an appropriate fixturing period for your tenants and, therefore, a faster lease commencement date. Lastly, having a complete design and build schedule to present to your tenant gives them confidence in effectively planning an efficient move-in.
  • Individualized look book: Drawing on their experience and expertise, our designers provide a visual representation of the client’s vision, culture, and brand, breathing life into the 2-D floor plan presented with the test fit. With a combination of drawings, renderings, and 3-D modelling—layered with colour swatches and furnishings—the look book is a personalized piece created to provide a complete visual concept that will delight and excite prospective tenants.

The power of ONE – the Truspace methodology

We are different by design. With 40 years of combined experience behind us, we have established a unique process that has changed the way conventional design and construction are done through an innovative model that goes from an original design concept to a full realization of your completed space with one team.

Our Power of ONE methodology is why we can provide an accurate EFS upfront. Our process is so expedient and effective because everyone involved in the design and construction project works in-house. Unlike traditional firms, we don’t need to externally contract designers, project managers, project coordinators, site managers, or estimators: they are all part of the Truspace team:

  • One team collaboratively building and managing a comprehensive budget.
  • One team providing unified design, construction, and furniture solutions.
  • One team providing end-to-end project management and execution.
  • One team with 100% accountability.

Hassle-free next steps to deliver an exceptional client experience

We have the expertise, flexibility, and national capacity to handle any commercial construction project with our proven end-to-end strategy. We are a resource that you can leverage when trying to close a lease deal with potential tenants. We can also be a valuable partner to build out turn-key spaces to attract quality, anchor tenants at a higher net rental rate.

When you choose to work with Truspace, there are no risks, no surprises, and no worries. We’re here to build meaningful, long-term relationships with our broker partners and your clients, and you have our promise that your experience with us will be easy and hassle-free. Our approach to design and construction combines creative design practices with an established construction process to deliver sophisticated environments that transform lives.

Truspace is a corporate interior design and construction firm. With our offices located in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. We offer a “WOW,” no-hassle experience by designing to a vision, constructing to an established budget, and completing a pre-determined schedule. For these reasons, our clients say we go above and beyond and rate their experience as second to none. If you have an upcoming project and are interested in an exploratory conversation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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