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Real Estate Wealth Insights
Greg Placidi Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager, Equiton Capital
Cliff Fraser Chief Business Development Officer, Equiton Capital
Chris Nickerson Managing Director, Equiton

REIT cash flows and the J curve

Greg Placidi Commercial Strategy National Sep. 17 2019
When considering investing in a private real estate investment trust, an investor should be aware the overall return on their investment will be linked to both the distributions they receive from the REIT and the change in the value of

Reducing investment risk, while increasing potential returns

Greg Placidi Residential Market Trends National Aug. 19 2019
Investing involves taking calculated risks in exchange for expected returns. The challenge for investors is to accurately identify risks and potential rewards from various assets and assemble them into a portfolio that at least meets their investment objectives. Theoretically, expected

Why the soft issues matter in REIT investing

Greg Placidi Commercial Strategy National Jul. 11 2019
There have been numerous papers and articles focused on the quantifiable difference between private and public REITs. Performance, risk vs. return, volatility, and correlation have all been sliced and diced in various ways. So, rather than do that again let’s

Housing supply imbalance opens up investment opportunities

Greg Placidi Residential Strategy Ontario Jun. 13 2019
Solid employment growth, high costs of home ownership and a preference for millennials to rent are underpinning strong demand for apartments, while record immigration levels are expected to drive demand even higher. These factors, together with insufficient and constrained rental

Private REITs: a solid capital growth investment

Greg Placidi Commercial REITs National May. 16 2019
TODAY WE WELCOME Greg Placidi as a new column contributor with RENX. Placidi is chief investment officer and portfolio manager at Equiton Partners, and will contribute occasional columns focused on Real Estate Wealth Insights. Many investors are wondering how to

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