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Greg Placidi Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager, Equiton Capital
Cliff Fraser Chief Business Development Officer, Equiton Capital
Chris Nickerson Managing Director, Equiton

Urban density may be one of our best strategies to fight climate change

Chris Nickerson Residential Market Trends National Feb. 24 2022
The effects of climate change, including rapidly rising temperatures, severe wildfires, declining air quality and flooding, are many and frightening. Environmental concerns can no longer be dismissed or ignored at any level; these are monumental considerations affecting how we approach

Canadian apt. investments offer far smoother ride than major stock indexes

Chris Nickerson Residential REITs National Jan. 14 2022
As the public market continues to face jarring swings, especially in the uncertainty of recent years, Canadian investors are increasingly turning to other investment opportunities to safeguard their wealth. Even in the best of times, the stock market is defined

Multifamily withstands pandemic better than most property types

Chris Nickerson Residential Market Trends National Nov. 15 2021
While many sectors of the economy were hit hard by the global pandemic, the multifamily sector, which includes condo and rental, remained a stable investment. Here are some of the reasons why multifamily real estate is a sound investment strategy.

CRE proptech solutions continue to grow in prominence

Cliff Fraser Residential Proptech Sep. 24 2021
As the pandemic begins to recede and the workforce gradually returns to the office, the commercial real estate industry will rely more and more heavily on proptech. Retailers, building developers, construction companies and property managers will utilize this growing sector

The rise of warehousing: How it can benefit your investment strategy

Cliff Fraser Commercial Ecommerce National Aug. 17 2021
The demand for warehouse space is pushing industrial real estate into new terrain, and Canada may have limited warehouse space by the end of the year, thanks to the surge in e-commerce sparked by the pandemic. The need for warehouse

The pros and cons of investing in commercial real estate

Cliff Fraser Commercial Investors National Jun. 21 2021
If you have invested in residential real estate in the past and have been pleased with the outcome, you might be interested in exploring the world of commercial real estate. What is considered commercial real estate?  Where residential real estate

The taxing truth about investing in real estate

Cliff Fraser Residential Taxes National May. 26 2021
Real estate is a lucrative way to add diversity to your overall investment portfolio. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or looking to buy your first rental property, however, the tax implications of investing in real estate can be daunting. Here

Knowing how to buy right: Due diligence a key to successful RE investing

Cliff Fraser Residential Buying and Selling National Apr. 12 2021
In real estate, disciplined investing starts with buying right. Profit can be created by finding properties in the right location, at the right time, but, most importantly, at the right price. After all, the price you pay for a property

The limitations of cap rates in real estate transactions

Cliff Fraser Residential Buying and Selling National Feb. 24 2021
Property buyers and sellers have traditionally turned to the capitalization rate formula to determine if a property is a good investment. The problem is that a cap rate alone does not give you the full picture. Many people are familiar

How every stage of a real estate development adds value

Cliff Fraser Residential Development National Jan. 20 2021
There are typically four distinct stages in a real estate development project. At each stage, a developer must decide whether to spend their time and money and take on the risks to increase the property’s value, or monetize their investment

How industrial space saved the commercial real estate market in 2020

Greg Placidi Commercial Logistics National Dec. 14 2020
We talked last month about how the office space market is down, but the outlook remains positive. With news of vaccines ready to ship, employees are likely even closer to going back to the office. However, the office space market

How COVID-19 affects the office space market

Greg Placidi Commercial Leasing National Nov. 26 2020
Whether you see it as a blessing or a curse, many of us are experiencing long-term work-from-home conditions for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, about 40 per cent of Canadians are working from home once

REITs can offer attractive returns in low-interest environment

Greg Placidi Commercial REITs National Oct. 21 2020
Since 2008, investors have been subject to extremely low interest rates, and, just as rates appeared to move upward, the coronavirus pandemic forced the U.S. Federal Reserve to cut rates to effectively zero. The Bank of Canada followed suit and

The proven way to accumulate wealth

Greg Placidi Residential Strategy National Aug. 26 2020
Amassing a fortune doesn’t typically happen overnight. Building wealth takes time. Sure, you can make a quick buck by winning the lottery, timing a stock trade just right or flipping a house. There’s no crime in turning a quick buck,

Private real estate: An essential portfolio component

Greg Placidi Commercial Strategy National Jul. 20 2020
As investors grow weary of the constant agitation in the traditional public markets, they are looking for alternative ways to generate stable income, preserve their capital, protect against market volatility and achieve an attractive total return. Investors are realizing that

Is it time to reposition your portfolio and ensure it’s properly stewarded?

Greg Placidi Residential Strategy National Jun. 22 2020
Historically, investors have done well when they hold a diversified portfolio of equities for a long period of time. Despite regular bear markets, history shows us that major stock markets have experienced far more ups than downs. Long-term averages, however,

Apartments can stabilize a portfolio during economic downturns

Greg Placidi Commercial REITs National May. 29 2020
Historically, private multiresidential apartments are a sound investment no matter the economic winds. Apartments offer investors a unique investment opportunity. They can create returns through three sources: * consistent cash flows from operations; * increases in equity from mortgage principle

Adding more of the same is not how to manage risk

Greg Placidi Commercial Strategy National Mar. 30 2020
Just like the saying “nothing in life is truly free,” investment returns cannot be earned without accepting some form of risk. The goal of the smart money (those who have a better understanding of the market, or access to information

Real estate can be a safe harbour for your RRSPs

Greg Placidi Residential Strategy National Feb. 26 2020
Planning for your retirement can be overwhelming. The average Canadian investor is now enjoying a longer life and volatile equity markets and low interest rates may render their traditional investment choices (i.e. stocks and bonds) inapt at helping them achieve

Active vs. passive investing: Which is a better fit for you?

Greg Placidi Residential Strategy National Jan. 22 2020
Real estate is a popular investment choice because it is an excellent way to diversify and strengthen just about any investment portfolio. It has the potential to provide investors with an attractive total return, tax advantages and the opportunity to

The ins and outs of REITs

Greg Placidi Residential Strategy National Dec. 23 2019
Real estate is a classic alternative investment. It has typically been an integral part of a well-diversified investment portfolio, helping to lessen risk and enhance returns through consistent cash-flows and the potential for capital appreciation. Real estate is a tangible asset

The sustainability of growth in Canada’s apartment market: Part II

Greg Placidi Residential Development National Nov. 21 2019
Part II of II: It’s not a question of whether there is a housing affordability issue in major Canadian cities but, rather, the question is what to do about it. A common belief is that to solve the affordability puzzle, the

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