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The Apartments Broker
Mikael Kurkdjian Partner & Broker of Record, Baron Realty
Ramona Vadi Partner & Broker, Baron Realty

Apartment buildings: Serious buyers only

Ramona Vadi Residential Apartments National Apr. 17 2023

The market supply for available apartment buildings is at an all-time low. Or, should I say, sellable apartment buildings are.  

The No. 1 marketing 'secret' for multifamily investment

Mikael Kurkdjian Residential Brokers National Mar. 10 2023

The first focus for any commercial real estate broker when taking on a listing should be pricing properties correctly in order to not miss out on the serious buyers.

Selling apartment buildings in 2023: Valuations and increasing your net income

Ramona Vadi Residential Apartments National Mar. 2 2023

Interest rate hikes during 2022 have been a hot topic in the real estate industry. The impact has been felt across all asset classes, but multifamily transactions seem to have been among the most affected.

Creating and retaining a brokerage team

Ramona Vadi Residential Brokers National Feb. 21 2023

In today's competitive brokerage industry, having a team of individuals with complementary skills is essential for providing high-quality service and achieving success. However, building and retaining such a team requires careful consideration of various factors . . .

Central banks, interest rates and the cascading effects on real estate

Mikael Kurkdjian Residential Apartments National Nov. 8 2022

The central banks against inflation battle started with U.S. Federal Reserve rate hikes in March and continued Nov. 2, with the latest increases pushing rates from their 0.25 per cent low to four per cent, a 16-times appreciation.

A slowdown in transactions, ‘real’ sellers and the new normal

Ramona Vadi Residential Buying and Selling National Sep. 7 2022
The loan available against a property is highly affected by interest rates: the higher the rate, the lower the loan available and hence, the more down payment a buyer needs to complete a purchase. With interest rates rising significantly and

Apartment buildings: Fighting rising interest rates

Mikael Kurkdjian Residential Market Trends National Jul. 7 2022
Interest rates are the lifeline of our real estate world. Without the lenders and financial leverage, all investors would have to buy any investment properties in cash, completely removing the whole concept of leverage, ROI and yields from our business.

Apartment buildings: Value not immune to interest-rate increases

Ramona Vadi Residential Buying and Selling National Apr. 13 2022
With governments “printing money” and inflation creeping into all aspects of our daily lives, it was only a matter of time before the federal government increased the interest rate to curb spending. However, a lot of people were surprised at

The fine art of exiting an apartment building partnership

Ramona Vadi Residential Buying and Selling National Nov. 30 2020
Joint ventures have always existed and they are making a comeback now that the market is uncertain: not taking the risk alone may be worth taking less of the profit in the long term. The following are the most common

Apartment buildings: Flushing the highest-priced offer

Ramona Vadi Residential Buying and Selling National Nov. 13 2020
During these uncertain times, as we approach the end of 2020, apartment buildings for sale in Ontario and Quebec are still few and far between; in fact, apartments have become the most coveted asset class, because people can’t (yet!) live

Apartment building transactions: The cost of direct deals

Ramona Vadi Residential Buying and Selling National Jan. 27 2020
Why would a seller decide on a direct deal vs. a third-party (broker-)targeted buyer approach? Sometimes it’s a matter of privacy (however, MLS is no longer required for a vendor to obtain the top price for such transactions). Sometimes it’s

Apartment building owners: Don’t overlook these NOI killers

Ramona Vadi Residential Buying and Selling National Jan. 14 2020
In this article, we will kick off 2020 by exploring the hidden killers of NOI for apartment buildings. But first, a quick review: the NOI (or net operating income) is what buyers use to determine the maximum price they would

The siren call of an all-cash building purchase offer

Ramona Vadi Residential Transactions National Apr. 4 2019
Have you ever had an all-cash offer for your building? Did it make you wonder if the price offered equated to a discount on the asset’s market value, or if it was simply a fair price with few conditions? Why

Apartment buildings: Why the trend for off-market deals?

Ramona Vadi Residential Transactions National Feb. 25 2019
Everybody loves a “deal.” From consumer goods to services and even apartment buildings, buyers want to feel they made a good investment, and if possible, a better one than is available to the general public (or their competitors). What is

Apartment buildings: The right way to increase your NOI

Ramona Vadi Residential Transactions National Jan. 31 2019
Having traded apartment buildings for over a decade, we’re still surprised at how many investors misunderstand the concept of NOI and its impact on the sale or refinancing of an asset. What is NOI? An abbreviation for Net Operating Income,

The apartment building sale: Getting multiple offers

Ramona Vadi Residential Transactions National Nov. 22 2018
Self-serving, arrogant, duplicitous – if this is the typical perception the public has of brokers, then it is no surprise the value of a correct listing process is sometimes underestimated. If you’ve been following our articles, you already know we

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