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Dealing with a complex 350,000-sq.-ft. industrial building

In this week's episode Jeremiah Boucher, founder of Patriot Holdings, joins host Chad Griffiths to discuss an industrial building which Boucher has acquired.

They'll dive into subjects related to his planning for the asset and how he's applying creative strategies to move the project along and reach his goals.

  • 0:00 - Introduction;
  • 0:37 - a 350,000-square-foot industrial building;
  • 15:08 - dealing with short-term leases;
  • 21:21 - marketing to small tenants;
  • 26:08 - other challenges;
  • 32:23 - Boucher's forecast for industrial;
  • 36:40 - Connect with Boucher.

Boucher's website: 

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