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Dominate your CRE deals: 5 automation strategies for 2024

Peter Altobelli, general manager and vice president, Yardi Canada Ltd.

Photo credit: Yardi / Unsplash

The Canada CRE sector experienced significant growth and resilience amidst evolving market dynamics, showcasing its strength and adaptability according the CBRE and JLL’s latest Canadian real estate market reports.

Leveraging technology-driven solutions has emerged as a critical strategy for capitalizing on this momentum and sustaining success in 2024 and beyond. This extensive guide delves into five indispensable strategies for automating the marketing and leasing process, empowering CRE professionals to navigate the complexities of the market and seize new opportunities in the year ahead. 

Achieve higher profits

A revenue focused CRE solution must prioritize driving higher revenue while simultaneously lowering operational costs. When it comes to driving higher revenue, the two main levers are: Increasing lead and deal volume. Equally crucial is ensuring that executed deals are economically favourable.

Automation plays a pivotal role in achieving these goals by streamlining workflows, reducing manual interventions, and eliminating data fragmentation. By automating lead generation processes, CRE professionals can efficiently manage incoming inquiries, prioritize leads, and focus efforts on closing high-potential deals. The right technology partner can help you efficiently manage your deal pipeline using real-time, portfolio-wide data, that will support optimal profitability and accelerate deal velocity.

Maximize marketing outcomes 

Successful marketing requires juggling multiple channels, like email, brochures, listing sites, and social media. Unfortunately, managing each platform individually can be resource-intensive and lead to inconsistencies, outdated information, and inaccuracies across your marketing efforts. Here's where automated syndication tools come in. They streamline the distribution of your property listings across CRE platforms, marketplaces, and even your website. These tools seamlessly update details and availability, augmenting lead generation and overall marketing effectiveness. Additionally, automation simplifies listing updates, ensuring timely and consistent content everywhere. This significant reduction in manual effort empowers you to devote your attention to what truly matters: analyzing marketing performance and developing strategic initiatives.

Elevate lead-to-lease management

Efficient management of the lead-to-lease pipeline is critical to maximizing deal throughput and minimizing cycle times. However, disparate systems often hinder this efficiency, leading to delays due to disconnected processes, siloed communication, and inaccurate tenant information.

The right CRE solution addresses this issue by centralizing valuable data like number and type of leads, tour activity, lease expiration dates, and tenant information. This comprehensive portfolio overview provides full transparency and facilitates faster decision-making, empowering your staff to close better deals, faster.

Additionally, leveraging advanced approval workflows eliminates bottlenecks and expedites deal execution, while sophisticated tools automate letter of intent (LOI) creation, guaranteeing customized and accurate documents with minimal effort. The ideal software empowers your staff to seamlessly track communication, tasks, and activities in real-time within one platform.

Streamline deal evaluation

In today's fast-paced business environment, real-time data access is crucial for informed decision-making. Firms need key information to evaluate deals, including the start date, rent schedule, tenant improvement costs, and lease term.

More quantitatively focused firms also require net effective rent (NER) - the discounted net rent averaged over the lease term after all expenses. The most advanced firms then compare NER to the underwriting budget, annual budget, prior lease, or a combination of these.

However, disconnected systems force dealmakers and asset management teams to manually track and compare this data. Resulting in errors, miscommunication and efforts wasted.

A connected deal management solution streamlines this process by automatically calculating NER and pulling relevant comparisons, eliminating manual effort. The solution should integrate seamlessly with the core property management system, allowing real-time access to underwriting budget, annual budget, and previous lease data.

Furthermore, approval workflows can be tied to these economic comparisons, empowering managers to approve deals with full transparency into the financial performance against budget. This data-driven approach ensures only the most profitable deals are closed, ultimately driving higher revenue.

Simplify lease document management 

The creation and management of lease documents are critical components of the leasing process. Unlike apartment leases, commercial leases were once considered too complex to automate. Fortunately, this perception has shifted.

New automation solutions offer a simplified approach to generating even intricate lease documents, reducing processing time by 80-90% and minimizing administrative overhead.

Sophisticated lease automation platforms enable CRE professionals to create lease and addenda templates, store clauses and options in libraries, create groups of clauses and options with a push of a button and minimal intervention. These functionalities, along with in-app editing, approval, and tracking, ensure a seamless signing process. Additionally, robust e-sign functionality facilitates secure and efficient electronic signing, further enhancing operational effectiveness.

Achieve success

The dynamic nature of the CRE market demands constant innovation. To stay ahead, CRE organizations can leverage easy-to-implement technology that streamlines workflows, marketing efforts, deal pipeline visibility, data analytics, and lease management in a single connected solution. This empowers CRE professionals to optimize operations, drive revenue growth, and maintain a competitive edge - making you a leader in the evolving CRE landscape.

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