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Earn more business in real estate brokerage

Andrew Bermudez, the CEO of Digsy, will explore ways to grow your brokerage business with host Chad Griffiths.

Among the topics they discuss are:

  • 0:00 - introduction and Bermudez's background;
  • 3:53 - prospecting has changed;
  • 6:06 - social media's role in prospecting;
  • 13:49 - what Bermudez wishes he knew 20 years ago;
  • 22:18 - what many brokers might be doing wrong;
  • 25:30 - online marketing;
  • 30:31 - define your goal.

Bermudez has over 18 years of commercial real estate brokerage experience and is a former senior vice-president of Lee & Associates.

Among his strengths are creating sales, marketing and leveraging process automation software systems in an effort to outperform the competition.

In his spare time, Bermudez loves playing music, racing and trying out craft beers.

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