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Exploring the South Asian industrial sector

International commercial real estate site selection experts Kevin Dollhopf and Tondy Lubis, of Hickey and Associates, join host Chad Griffiths.

They'll take an in-depth look at some of the factors affecting South Asian markets, including:

  • what is ASEAN?
  • how companies can prepare to move away from China;
  • challenges and opportunities in the sphere.

This interview was conducted live, so comments and questions from viewers will appear in the chat window in real time.

Dollhopf is a global corporate real estate executive, facility location strategist and management consultant with Hickey and Associates.

He has an MBA from Washington University and an MA in geography and urban planning from Miami University.

Lubis is the managing director of the Hickey and Associates Singapore office and helps companies make decisions on their locations based on labour analytics, ESG, grants and incentives, and supply chains.

He holds a MSc in facility and environment management. 


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