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GP and LP real estate investing



Aleksey Chernobelskiy is the guest on this instalment of The Industrial Real Estate Show. He is an advisor to real estate investors, specifically for those who are considering becoming an LP (limited partner).

He joined host Chad Griffiths to chat about a number of important topics relating to these types of partnerships and investments.

0:00 - Introduction and Chernobelskiy's background;

9:55 - What is an LP?

18:32 - Risk;

31:22 - What can go wrong?

33:55 - Evaluating an investment;

37:20 - Differences between opportunities;

42:05 - Should you even consider investing?

47:02 - Chernobelskiy's back catalog of articles;

Chernobelskiy advises limited partners on existing and future investments.

He writes weekly to 2,300-plus investors at to explain how to properly vet and think about LP investments in the grand scheme of their portfolios.

He also helps general partners on matters relating to LPs, such as capital calls or feedback on investment decks.

Prior to advising LPs, Chernobelskiy ran STORE Capital’s $10 billion commercial real estate portfolio and oversaw the firm’s underwriting team.

He graduated from University of Arizona with a quadruple major – finance, mathematics, economics and accounting.

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