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Industrial real estate syndications

Joel Friedland of Brit Properties offers overview of industrial investing

Chicago-based Joel Friedland, co-founder of Brit Properties, joins host Chad Griffiths.

Those in the industry will know that Chicago is a major U.S. industrial market. Friedland said it comprises 1.3 billion square feet of space, including approximately 8,000 freestanding single-tenant buildings and an additional 8,000 multi-tenant facilities.

The market hosts over 20,000 industrial companies.

They'll discuss the market, as well as other investment-related topics including:

  • why invest in industrial real estate?
  • passive vs. active investing;
  • what is a real estate syndication?

The interview was conducted live, so comments and questions from participants will appear in real time in the chat window.

Friedland has a 40-year track record in industrial real estate.

He co-founded Epic/Savage Realty Partners in 1991 where he oversaw the hiring and mentoring of 60 industrial real estate professionals, many of whom became partners.

His group sold the firm to an international real estate company in 2014 and Friedland then started Brit Properties.

As an industrial real estate broker and owner, he has secured over 2,000 industrial property leases and sales.

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