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What to expect as we launch the new RENX website

Over the next few days RENX will be unveiling our redesigned website and introducing our updated...

Over the next few days RENX will be unveiling our redesigned website and introducing our updated daily email newsletter format.


RENX new mobile interface.

This is a momentous occasion for the publication as we transition from an online presence which was designed in 2013 and has undergone little change since. We are excited about the opportunity it provides to deliver news to our readers on an efficient, attractive and dynamic web platform.  

The new features of the website will allow visitors to easily and conveniently dig into the full depth and breadth of real estate stories RENX has published over the past 10 years.

Here is a quick rundown of the new features on the website.

When we open the site, we suggest you follow this path to learning about the new RENX.

A scroll through the home page

The home page has been kept short, so scrolling from top to bottom is fast and intuitive. The headlines provide a concise summary of our most current top stories. Give it a try.

Keep an eye on the TRENDING bar at the top of the page where RENX will be posting breaking news.

The top section includes the marquee space, for our top story (or stories) and side bar where RENX content is posted. Beneath the marquee are three top stories curated by RENX from other media sources – linking you directly to the original source.

The middle section features the Editors Picks chosen by RENX’s editorial team, as well as the most recent columns contributed by industry experts.

For readers who want to hone in on specific types of stories, one of the most convenient homepage features will be the next frame, where stories are broken out by top markets and sectors.

The menu bar, brief and to the point

EXPLORE TOPICS is a highlight of the new RENX website. Try out this simple drop-down guide to ‘what’s trending’, Markets, Sectors and Hot Topics.

If there is something you can’t find in Explore Topics then try out RENX’s powerful new search engine. Enter a search word (or words) and the site will take you to a results page where you scroll top related stories, or further refine your search.

COLUMNS will take you to a summary page of the most recent content contributed by industry excerpts. Looking for The People Space? That is where to find it.

NEWSLETTERS is a listing of RENX’s email newsletters going back many years, including search capability to find news from the past in the RENX newsletter archive.

SUBSCRIBE to the updated RENX daily email newsletter by clicking on the bright red button.

The unified daily newsletter will replace the existing Commercial, Residential and Property Biz newsletters RENX currently publishes. It will incorporate RENX news, columns and breaking news, as well as curated stories from mainstream media sources.

Each day, it will remain your trusted, convenient snapshot of top news impacting Canadian real estate.

Advertising is central to RENX

The ads are one of the first things you will notice on the new website because of their size and positioning.

The RENX advertising program has been designed based on the premise that in the B2B publishing industry, our supporters are an important part of the reading experience. The ads should be easy to read, contribute positively to a visit to the page by being attractive and relevant, and convey the advertisers message in a bold and simple manner.

ADVERTISE is centrally located on the RENX menu bar to highlight the opportunity the publication offers businesses and organizations to create brand awareness and promote their products and services.

RENX is one of the real estate industry’s top B2B online advertising media, and our offerings are now greatly improved with the launch of our new website.

Bottom line. Bigger Ads. Better value.

A new and improved mobile version

The new mobile version of RENX provides a dramatic improvement to the readability of our publication.

Visit on your phone or tablet to view the mobile format; on a laptop or desktop, squeeze your browser window from right to left into the shape of the phone.

Sustainable Biz Canada

With the launch of we have given Sustainable Biz Canada the same complete makeover. You can visit Sustainable Biz by clicking on its logo in the top right hand corner of the RENX website. 

Sustainable Biz Canada will be opening with a lot still remaining to be completed. Stay tuned . . . by 2019 it will be full steam ahead.

Find a bug? Feedback is welcome

Finally we anticipate that when we launch, there may be bugs in the software to sort out, as is often the case with major technical improvements and upgrades. Thank you for in advance for your patience as we work through the issues.

At RENX we look forward to serving the Canadian real estate industry the latest news, information and commentary on our new and improved online platform.

We are anxious to hear your thoughts about the website.  

Early in 2019, we will survey our readers, however in the meantime send comments to me,  Ann White, Publisher and CEO at or call 1-855-569-6300.

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