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Sell your new construction homes online at OffPlan

Buying and selling real estate online is the future. We’re at a point where ‘digital workarounds’ just won’t cut it, now is the time to embrace the next step for real estate developers.

Residential Developers National May. 18 2020 SPONSORED

AVESDO OFFPLANBuying and selling real estate online is the future. We’re at a point where ‘digital workarounds’ just won’t cut it, now is the time to embrace the next step for real estate developers. OffPlan is the only real estate marketplace and purchasing portal dedicated to new and pre-construction homes.

The real estate industry as a whole is changing and many developers are turning to new technologies to not only continue generating revenue during COVID-19, but to transform their businesses in the long term.

OffPlan launched as a platform for developers and marketing companies to share their homes with realtors and buyers and seamlessly take online payments via credit card. They can invite existing realtors from their own networks to choose from new home inventory directly on OffPlan. Realtors and buyers can see all property-related information, including renderings and floor plans, in an easy to navigate platform.

Several top developers joined at launch and began sharing properties within their network. Many more have begun making their homes available on OffPlan in the subsequent weeks. But being able to sell homes online is only half the solution.

Turn your leads into buyers

The logical evolution is giving real estate developers a way to sell on their own terms. OffPlan can do just that.

“OffPlan is growing and thriving but we at Avesdo Technologies always look for ways to adapt and, most importantly, empower home builders and developers to grow their businesses.” Avesdo CEO Tyler Proud said. “That’s why we’re proud to announce the ability to seamlessly integrate your real estate development marketing with OffPlan.”

OffPlan lets developers create a simple buying experience, removing roadblocks to purchase. It is essentially the creation of an online store for pre-construction homes. Digitizing brick and mortar sales centres gives buyers the opportunity to make their decision and take action whenever and wherever they are. The simplest integration is the inclusion of a ‘Buy on OffPlan’ link on your site, taking buyers to OffPlan where they can easily make a reservation payment..

OffPlan also lets developers build an online store to showcase their new and pre-construction homes, streamlining the buyer journey even more. Plugging in their promotional content directly to their OffPlan page along with the option to make a payment is the optimal way to sell new homes online. OffPlan is the online purchasing option that consumers have come to expect during quarantine, and will continue to utilize for years to come.

Connecting your project marketing website to OffPlan is the most powerful tool in the market for converting your leads immediately, rather than adding another email to your database. Developers spend tens of thousands of dollars promoting their new homes, driving traffic to their marketing sites and generating leads. Now developers can capitalize on all that hard work, and further justify their marketing spend.

Tapping into a marketplace

When a developer lists their homes on OffPlan and begin selling, they are also made available to browse via OffPlan’s Marketplace. Prospective buyers and realtors can review all relevant marketing material in one digital brochure. This ensures that the maximum amount of eyes are on your projects, leading to more offers and more buyers on your homes.

How OffPlan changes real estate

The ability to convert leads into paying customers by offering the ability to purchase directly on your website is a no-brainer in the age of e-commerce, and is now possible in new construction real estate. New home shoppers should have the opportunity to reserve whenever they see new homes from a developer, before and after social distancing regulations have lifted.

Realtors will also see new business opportunities by searching for homes and brokering deals utilizing OffPlan’s Digital Marketplace. Top developers across the country are listing their new construction homes on the platform, meaning that OffPlan is quickly becoming the premiere pre-construction focused home listing platform in Canada.

What is currently a perfect solution for developers to continue operations during a pandemic, will ultimately revolutionize and redefine the real estate industry. OffPlan will bolster the real estate market by creating the go-to network for the sale and purchase of new construction homes.

Connect with a member of the Avesdo team today and get started with OffPlan.


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