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Social media for CRE with Aviva Sonenreich

Internationally known commercial real estate personality Aviva Sonenreich, who has built a million-strong following for her business on TikTok, joins host Chad Griffiths to talk about leveraging social media to the max.

Sonenreich is a third-generation commercial real estate broker, owner and investor in Denver who has developed @RealEstateSource into over 1.2 million followers on Tiktok and Instagram.

  • 0:00 - Introduction;
  • 1:56 - Aviva's entrance into industrial real estate;
  • 5:01 - Selling TikTok to a guy with a creepy mustache;
  • 7:15 - What's worked to grow 1 million followers;
  • 16:34 - Dealing with negativity;
  • 18:28 - Stop creating TBC (Terrible Broker Content);
  • 23:33 - Thinking long-term - The Queen of CRE 2;
  • 4:50 - Social media for business generation;
  • 35:00 - Social media trends;
  • 38:02 - Showing personality on social media;
  • 42:03 - Cap rates & negative leverage;
  • 47:44 - Rent escalations;
  • 49:47 - How to step up your social media game.

Sonenreich joined the family business at 22, focused on proving her way. 

She noticed a significant gap in how commercial real estate utilized the internet. So, she has created the Warehouse Hotline network to integrate modern marketing practices through automation, data analytics and social media strategy to expand the company.

With a strong passion for helping people create their destinies, Sonenreich and the Warehouse Hotline use social media to share knowledge on one of the industry’s most rapidly growing markets.

Sonenreich's expertise has earned her a spot on the Forbes Real Estate Council and she was named CREI’s No. 1 Instagram Influencer in Commercial Real Estate.

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