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The FCT group of companies, based out of Oakville, Ontario, is a leading provider of real estate technology in Canada, delivering data-driven solutions spanning residential and commercial title insurance, default and recovery, and mortgage processing and valuation services.

Real estate fraud: Is Canada’s digital transformation the problem or solution?

Lori Sartor Fraud National Dec. 5 2023

Processes and ways of doing business are evolving. The ongoing digital revolution has drastically altered the way we live and changed consumer expectations across all industries, and real estate is no exception.

Commercial title insurance: How are you managing risk?

Robert Antenore Commercial Insurance National Oct. 10 2023

Every transaction comes with unknowns, and those unknowns can come with price tags. Title insurance protects you and your portfolio from the hard-to-anticipate risks present on every property. 

Title insurance - a matter of opinion

Robert Antenore Commercial Insurance National Jul. 18 2023

Three benefits to owners and lenders when they rely on a title insurance policy versus a lawyer’s opinion letter.

Protect your business from title fraud

Robert Antenore Commercial Fraud National May. 9 2023

Fraud, and complications can arise without warning. Title insurance is part of your shield against fraud as well as other important matters.

Commercial title insurance: it’s more than a policy

Brendan Fagan Commercial Insurance National Dec. 12 2022

What you need to know about protecting yourself when purchasing a commercial property under bankruptcy protection.

No safe bet: CRA tax liens and the challenge for lenders

Brendan Fagan Commercial Taxes National Sep. 7 2022
Is a loan secured by a mortgage a safe investment? If the debtor has tax arrears, it may not be. Super priority liens give the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) extraordinary power to recover what is owed to them, even if

Protect your commercial investment with a Leasehold Endorsement

Brendan Fagan Commercial Transactions National Jun. 7 2022
Typically, a commercial title insurance policy is put in place to insure the fee simple interest of the property owner or its lender(s). Although it provides comprehensive, effective protection for most commercial properties, on its own, this type of policy

The real value of commercial title insurance

Brendan Fagan Commercial Insurance National Mar. 29 2022
Property owners and lenders often ask their legal professionals why they should be getting a title insurance policy. After all, haven’t they been relying on a title opinion all these years? Why change now? Many of the risks a title

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