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Stylish, family-friendly, affordable homes for sale in thriving Edmonton communities

Edmonton is fast becoming one of Canada's most desirable urban markets.

Residential Homebuilders Edmonton Apr. 18 2023 SPONSORED
Homes by Avi
Featuring Homes by Avi's 1,632 SQ FT Laned Home " The Sheldon" -  3 Bed | 2.5 Bath for $469,900, Edmonton Alberta.

Edmonton is fast becoming one of Canada's most desirable urban markets with newly built, single family, quick possession homes being offered for under $500,000.

Incentive for home buyers and investors alike, ready to make the move to Edmonton, is Alberta's strong economy which is currently staging a solid economic recovery. The province is forecasting a surplus of $12.3 billion for the 2022-23 fiscal year and GDP growth for 2023 is projected at 2.8%, the highest rate in Canada.

"We expect Alberta to remain an economic leader, which will lead to continued population growth, job creation and wage growth in 2023," said Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toews during the provinces annual budget announcement.

Happily, for prospective homeowners, the Alberta property sector is also still a buyer's market.  Average home prices in Edmonton decreased by 2% in 2022, but are expected to stabilize in 2023 before ramping up again as the provincial economy enters what could be an extended period of expansion.  

All this recommends Alberta, and its capital city of Edmonton, as one of the most advantageous urban settings in Canada. 

Homes by Avi’s 45th anniversary special offering to home buyers

In 2023, Alberta housing builder, Homes by Avi is celebrating 45 years in business. For this special occasion Homes by Avi is offering Canadians the opportunity to buy a house in Edmonton from an impressive selection of quick possession homes.

Homes by Avi is now offering homes in Edmonton in a price range of $400,000-$500,000. Customers can purchase a rear laned home for as low as $414,900 or a semi-detached home for $419,900 with detached garage, with an ALL-IN promotion on top of that!

"From a pricing and value perspective, 2023 is a phenomenal year to become a Homes by Avi homeowner," says Micah Dueck, Homes by Avi’s Sales Manager.  

"First and foremost, however, it’s a good year to purchase if one’s current living situation no longer serves as it once did.  We offer solutions, improved living, and dream fulfillment – these priorities will never go out of style."

Dueck has also seen indications that there is a new large pool of buyers who have outgrown their current home and are looking for a new place to live that meets their changing lifestyle demands and needs.

The anniversary sale offers buyers, especially couples and multi-generational families, an important opportunity to take advantage of highly affordable, premium quality homes that are the trademark of Homes by Avi and are a tribute to the vision of its founder, Avi Amir. 

A tribute to Avi Amir, founder of Homes by Avi

The success that Homes by Avi has experienced in creating stylish, affordable, and family-friendly housing is a tribute to the inventive entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Avi Amir.

Avi arrived in Canada 48 years ago immigrating from Israel with a degree in Civil Engineering and founded Avi Construction in Calgary.  

Avi Construction grew steadily by demolishing old homes and building modern four-plexes in their place.  Avi would sell homes on the weekends with his wife Rachel and build them during the week. He simply built whatever he could in the early days of the business including two warehouses. 

Avi Amir managed Avi Construction through several economic cycles including the 1980’s housing crash and continued to grow the business throughout.

In 1985, he incorporated Homes by Avi, when the company was building 35 new homes per year and was establishing itself as a growing homebuilder.  By 1990, that figure reached 100 and exploded to 1000 annual new housing starts during the boom years between 2010 and 2014.

Today, Homes by Avi is run by his son, Charron Ungar, who took over as CEO in 2018 and was responsible for launching the company's multi-family division.  

Homes by Avi is a thriving entity and excited to bring in a new wave of home buyers to the Edmonton market with Avi's 45th Anniversary Sale.

A banner year ahead for Homes by Avi

While Homes by Avi’s Anniversary Sale kicked off in March, the remainder of the year will see the company build upon its excellent customer service record and deliver more value, more expertise, and more advantages than Edmonton home buyers have ever seen before.

“In 2022, through dedication and collaboration with our staff, partners and customers, we delivered the majority of our homes before year-end” said Homes by Avi's Vice President Beach.  

“We have lots of momentum heading into 2023 in both sales and closings. With strong land positions in both attached and detached homes in addition to innovative multi-family projects on the horizon, we are forecasting an even stronger year than 2022.” 

“This is no small anniversary,” says Micah Dueck, Homes by Avi Sales Manager. “Naturally, one we are exceptionally proud of, but not only because we’ve reached 45 years, rather, this reflects a rich history of service, of dream making, and the result of thousands of happy Homes by Avi homeowners.”

This year, Homes by Avi has already seen signs that this will be a banner year for home buying in the Edmonton area, much of it due to pent-up demand from the pandemic era and the robust recovery of the Alberta energy sector and the economy as a whole.  

"It’s going to be a fantastic year for our purchasers," says Dueck. "We've seen huge increases in visitor volume at our show homes, and our exciting incentives are sparking some awesome client conversations." 

Homes by Avi

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