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Supply chains and industrial real estate

Guest co-host Matt Carroll joins regular host Chad Griffiths to interview Les Brand, CEO of Supply Chain Solutions.

Griffiths calls Brand "a bona fide expert in the industry," as he shares insights gained from his nearly 40 years of experience.

Time stamps for the key issues which are discussed:

  • 0:00 - Introduction;
  • 4:19 - Trends in inventory management;
  • 7:07 - Pre-pandemic vs. post-pandemic;
  • 9:59 - What is driving warehouse demand?
  • 14:28 - What markets have potential?
  • 21:02 - Warehouse automation trends;
  • 27:34 - Challenges with electrical power;
  • 32:12 - Optionality, a.k.a. China plus one;
  • 36:45 - Supply-chain bottlenecks and choke points;
  • 39:17 - How to navigate inventory management;
  • 40:39 - Inflation and interest rates;
  • 46:23 - Are companies pausing big decisions?
  • 54:52 - How to get a better understanding of supply chains;
  • 56:36 - Connecting with Brand.

Brand is the CEO of Supply Chain Solutions (SCS), a company headquartered in Grand Rapids, Mich., dedicated to global supply chain and transportation management solutions.

He is a member of the board of directors of SCS and president of the West Michigan Supply Chain Management Professionals Association (CSCMP), and is actively involved in various community and industry organizations, including the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce.

He has experience leading teams and clients to achieve supply chain improvements and creating cost-cutting and sustainable business value.

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