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The Proptech Scout talks ... proptech

Derek Hsiang, also known as The Proptech Scout, joins host Chad Griffiths to discuss property technology / commercial real estate technology and how brokers and owners can utilize tech in their business.

Here's what they chatted about:

  • 0:25 – What is proptech?;
  • 1:42 – Proptech that should be on your radar;
  • 8:52 – How do you filter out all the noise?;
  • 13:12 – Proptech risk;
  • 17:52 – Is proptech necessary?;
  • 24:20 – Proptech for industrial real estate;
  • 30:44 – A/R & V/R;
  • 41:02 – Derek’s long-term predictions.

Hsiang has spent most of his career involved in the worlds of tech and/or real estate.

During the first half of his professional life, he graduated with an engineering degree and bootstrapped an e-commerce site. He then freelanced as a management consultant on the side to fund the business.

After exiting, he became a proptech-forward real estate developer and property owner.

Derek has worked on over $100 million of real estate deals and owns stakes in several New York City multifamily buildings. 

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