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Vancouver’s Landa Global Properties celebrates 10 years of growth and expansion into Toronto

Landa Global currently has 3,290,000 square feet of residential real estate holdings in Vancouver and Toronto.

CEO Kevin Cheung (Photo courtesy: Landa Global Properties)

Over ten years, Kevin Cheung has seen his development company grow from building four-storey market condos to luxury, starchitect towers and master-planned communities.

Landa Global Properties currently has 3,290,000 square feet of residential real estate holdings in Vancouver and Toronto, including three luxury high-rise towers designed by renowned architects on Alberni Street, master-planned, mixed-use communities in Richmond and Toronto and several high-profile luxury developments.

On the occasion of his company’s 10 year anniversary, Kevin Cheung reflects on the lessons learned over ten years in Vancouver’s real estate market and his vision moving forward.

How have your projects changed and evolved in the past 10 years?

Starting out is always the hardest, but over the past decade, we’ve grown and learned a lot. There’s a higher level of sophistication now in everything from acquisitions and development to construction. There are many more layers of experience we’ve gained over the last decade that have resulted in things running a lot smoother and in buildings that are truly innovative, thoughtfully-designed and beautiful – inside and out.

The biggest change in the past ten years is scale. We are growing and really excited about the bigger projects we are working on. As well, we have more integrated offerings, such as our own construction company, Westgate Pacific, that allows us to be more efficient and successful. 

How has Vancouver’s real estate market changed in the past 10 years?

Over the last 10 years, we have experienced a few different aspects of the real estate cycle - from the boom, to the COVID slowdown and now to high interest rates. But we have managed through the ebb and flow of that cycle and all the challenges that come with that. It has been a great learning experience, and we came out of it stronger than before. Our focus and our vision is to continue to innovate, not just with the buildings themselves, but with the amenities and technology that improve and enrich the homeowner experience. 

What do you see unfolding in the next 10 years for Landa?

We are hoping to grow and expand into other jurisdictions. We have always had a long-term vision for real estate in Canada, and we are looking forward to working with new architects, designers and artists on bringing legacy projects to communities across the country. We want to keep growing and building successful projects. 

What inspires you about being a developer?

There’s a great sense of accomplishment when you see a finished building and the knowledge that you had to overcome a series of significant challenges to make that building or community a reality. There’s a deep sense of satisfaction in creating a beautiful building or community that will shape the city and the lives of its residents for decades. 

What do you do when you’re not working as a developer?

I tend to one of my many hobbies like fishing, traveling, motor sports, art and wine. 

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