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Warehouse racking 101

Jonathan Hirst and Waleed Usman of North American Storage join host Chad Griffiths to share their expertise in warehouse racking.

They start with the basics of warehouse racking, then discuss what to look for in a warehouse and the important considerations (i.e. ceiling height, column grid, sprinklers and other factors).

The interview was conducted live, so comments and questions from participants and viewers will appear in the chat window.

Hirst is vice-president and general manager of North American Storage and vice-president of Hi-Cube Storage Products. He has been a prominent figure at NAS and the industrial storage industry for over a decade.

Usman is a project manager with North American Steel. His background is in both structural engineering and project management.

Usman has helped secure some of the largest storage projects in the country, including with Lowes, Kubota, and Hershey's to name a few. 

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