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What's in store for the industrial and commercial real estate markets

Well-known economist Todd Hirsch joins host Chad Griffiths for an update on North American and global economic conditions, and the potential impact on commercial real estate . . . and specifically industrial real estate.

They discuss the following, among other topics:

  • current state of the economy;
  • interest rates versus inflation; and
  • commercial and industrial real estate outlooks.

The interview was conducted live, so comments and questions from observers will appear in the chat window.

Hirsch is a leading expert in the field, inspiring international audiences to rethink the modern economy and teaching them how to survive and thrive in an ever-changing world.

As “The Modern Economist”, he works to demystify complex, colliding economic factors and interpret their potential impact.

His expert assessments map global trends to deliver insights-fuelled outlooks.

Hirsch has three TEDx Talks under his belt, over 2,500 other presentations and four books.

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