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34.088 AC of vacant land for sale in Ottawa, ON

Vacant land for sale at 3809 Borrisokane Road in Barrhaven, Ottawa

Phillip Zunder Commercial Land Ottawa Mar. 12 2024 SPONSORED
Vacant land for sale at 3809 Borrisokane Road in Barrhaven, Ottawa

Philip Zunder and Ben Zunder of CDN GLOBAL (OTTAWA) LTD. BROKERAGE are pleased to present the opportunity to purchase approximately 34.088 acres of vacant land in Ottawa, ON.

Nestled amidst the flourishing landscape of Barrhaven, Ottawa's thriving southwest enclave, lies a prime opportunity for investors and developers alike: 3809 Borrisokane Road. Spanning an expansive 34.088 acres (equivalent to approximately 1,484,869.24 square feet) of vacant land, this property epitomizes the essence of untapped potential in one of Ottawa's fastest-growing communities.

Strategically positioned east of the bustling Veteran's Memorial Highway (also known as Highway 416), 3809 Borrisokane Road enjoys a coveted location poised for exponential growth. With plans for a new interchange at Barnsdale Road, a mere 1.4 kilometers from the property, nearing finalization, the stage is set for enhanced connectivity and accessibility. This infrastructure upgrade not only promises to streamline transportation but also serves as a catalyst for economic development, amplifying the property's investment appeal.

Adding to its allure, an application is currently underway to transition the zoning of 3809 Borrisokane Road from its current designation of RU [2618] to IL - Light Industrial. This pivotal change opens a myriad of possibilities for prospective investors, unlocking opportunities for light industrial facilities, commercial ventures, and innovative development projects. With the potential to cater to diverse sectors including manufacturing, logistics, and technology, the property emerges as a versatile asset poised for strategic utilization.

Priced at $42,610,000.00, translating to $1,250,000.00 per acre, 3809 Borrisokane Road represents not only a sound investment opportunity but also a gateway to long-term prosperity. As Barrhaven continues its trajectory of rapid expansion and economic vibrancy, the property stands as a beacon of potential, offering investors the chance to capitalize on the region's dynamic growth story.

Surrounded by a constellation of successful businesses and key amenities, 3809 Borrisokane Road enjoys proximity to prominent establishments that underpin Barrhaven's thriving ecosystem. From the Amazon Fulfillment Centre and Costco Wholesale to the Minto Recreation Complex and Stonebridge Golf Club, the area boasts a diverse array of offerings catering to residents and businesses alike. With Loblaws Barrhaven, Home Depot, and Foster Family Farm adding to the neighborhood's appeal, the property is situated amidst a tapestry of commerce and community, further enhancing its investment allure.

A vision for the property would be to develop Industrial condominium units. Said proposed units, which could be developed as small as between 2,500 square feet to 3,500 square feet, could attract both local entrepreneurs as well as National/International users, who want to own their own showroom warehouses. These units could also be purchased as investments and then leased out.

Additional uses that fall under Light Industrial zoning include recreational purposes, places of worship, research and development centres, production studios, medical facilities, office spaces, technology industries, animal care facilities, and more. Part of the site could be developed with a gas station, including convenience store, car wash and restaurant use. Storage facilities as well as heavy equipment sales and service uses are also a possibility. 

The property's strategic location offers seamless connectivity to major transportation arteries, facilitating regional and international access. Highway 401 is a mere 35-minute drive from the site, ensuring swift connectivity from Ottawa to major urban centres and markets. Additionally, the Ogdensburg and Alexandria Bay U.S. Border Crossings, located 41 minutes and 1 hour and 14 minutes away respectively, provide access to cross-border trade and commerce, opening avenues for international expansion and connectivity into the United States.

Furthermore, the impending interchange project at Barnsdale Road serves as a catalyst for transformation, propelling Barrhaven into a new era of connectivity and accessibility. As this infrastructure milestone materializes, 3809 Borrisokane Road stands poised to benefit from increased traffic flow and heightened exposure, further enhancing its appeal to prospective investors and developers.

In navigating the journey towards maximizing the potential of 3809 Borrisokane Road, strategic partnerships and innovative planning emerge as indispensable assets. Collaborating with local stakeholders, government agencies, and industry experts can streamline the development process, ensuring alignment with Barrhaven's broader vision for sustainable growth and prosperity. By embracing innovative design principles, sustainable practices, and technology-driven solutions, investors can unlock the property's full potential, creating a blueprint for future-proof development in Barrhaven and beyond.

In conclusion, 3809 Borrisokane Road epitomizes the essence of opportunity and transformation in Barrhaven, Ottawa's dynamic southwest enclave. As plans for a new interchange and zoning changes take shape, this vacant land parcel emerges as a beacon of potential, beckoning visionary investors and developers to leave their mark on Barrhaven's evolving landscape. With strategic foresight, innovative thinking, and collaborative partnerships, 3809 Borrisokane Road stands poised to redefine the future of Barrhaven, enriching the lives of its residents and stakeholders for generations to come.

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